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We researched the astrology of a solar eclipse so you don’t have to. Here’s what we found

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Astrologers predict people will experience big changes, transformations or breakthroughs


The solar eclipse is fast approaching. Also known as the “Great North American Eclipse” for its path of totality that will pass through several cities in the United States, next week’s eclipse will attract visitors to various parts of New York state due its proximity to the path of totality.

Next week’s eclipse is not only historically significant, but it is also significant astrologically. Eclipses are considered special, highly valued events that have great impacts on people’s lives and behaviors. Astrologers across the internet expect patterns of change and transformation to emerge in people’s lives as a result of the upcoming eclipse.

Before getting into those details, let’s cover some basics.

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Why does astrology matter for the eclipse?

According to the website of West Texas A&M University physics professor Dr. Christopher S. Baird, astrology is “the belief that the alignment of stars and planets affects every individual’s mood, personality, and environment, depending on when (they were) born.” Because astrology is so rooted in the positioning of stars and planets, a total solar eclipse – when the moon travels between the earth and the sun, completely blocking all light from the sun temporarily – is significant.

Solar eclipse 2024: Where can I watch in the Lower Hudson Valley and New York?

The astrological significance of a solar eclipse

“Eclipses have significant astrological influence,” Lauren Ash writes for, “often highlighting turning points in a person’s life and bringing about profound changes and opportunities for growth.”

According to Ash, solar eclipses “symbolize new beginnings and offer opportunities for renewal.” They are powerful forces that bring about big changes that can impact the direction of people’s lives, personal aspirations, ambitions or self-image.

Astrologers also acknowledge that the impacts of eclipses are not necessarily predictable. “They are naturally erratic,” Lisa Stardust writes for Teen Vogue, “making the universe’s information unpredictable, exciting, and unforeseen.”

Eclipses are known for their ability to “illuminate matters that need to be worked on,” Lisa Stardust continues. “Eclipses hold a special place in astrology, as they are believed to be moments when we step into our fate and destiny.”

Astrologer Susan Miller, who founded, agrees.

“They are some of the most dramatic tools that the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to change,” Miller writes. “Vast changes will come to your doorstep.”

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What to expect from the upcoming eclipse, astrologically speaking

Next week’s eclipse is expected to similarly bring transformation and progress according to Ash, Stardust and Miller. All three astrologers write to expect big, bold changes, fresh starts or breakthroughs.

“It’s time to release,” Stardust writes. “Let go of whatever’s not working for us or aligned with ourselves and bring in every new beginning that comes from some other beginning’s end.”  

“After all,” Stardust continues, “This is a total solar eclipse of the heart, so we are moving to what we desire and love.”

But the changes may not occur all at once. Miller writes, “The changes could happen instantly, but they also can occur over a period of months.”

Activities to help embrace astrologers’ predictions for the eclipse

Astrologers have several suggestions for those interested in understanding and embracing the Great North American Eclipse’s effects. Astrologer Kerry King, who wrote about the impacts of an eclipse in 2022 for Metro UK, recommends engaging in activities like meditation or journaling, spending time in nature or spending time with the people you value most during an eclipse.

To learn more about how and where to watch the partial total eclipse in the Lower Hudson Valley, click here.

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