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Mercury Retrograde 2024: Date, horoscope effects, astrology meaning, how to cope?

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With the arrival of April 2024, the Mercury Retrograde is also here for the better half of the month with its backspins and it is time to pull your telescopes out and start observing the night sky, who knows, you may get lucky if the nightscape showers its blessings on you amid Mercury troublemaking in the hell-fires of Aries.

Mercury is one of the fastest-moving planets in the solar system and goes retrograde occasionally. According to viewers from the Earth, Mercury appears to be moving backwards but in reality, it slows down its movements and goes into retrograde.

Mercury in retrograde this April 2024: Things to keep in mind

Mercury, according to astrology, controls the mind, mouth, and expressions of the human body based on its energy and when Mercury goes into retrograde then it slows down all the other factors that are controlled by this planet.

There may be multiple cases and factors that may affect one’s performance, judgement abilities or skills during the retrograde and according to a report by the New York Post the best bet for survival through the Mercury Retrograde would be to surrender to the flow of events as they happen and not start fighting back against the occurrences of events.

How to survive the Mercury Retrograde?

According to NY Post, retrograde often brings in unexpected twist, turns and chaos and in order to counter all this one needs to readily embrace the chaos and adapt to the situation as it is. Keeping things slow and steady is a great option and not getting sidetracked during this time is a must. One should always listen to their circadian rhythm, maintain their sleep patterns and treat their body the best way they can during this period to avoid any chaos of the Mercury retrograde.


Q1. How many planets are on the solar system and which one goes into retrograde frequently?
There are eight planets in the solar systems and among them Mercury, which is one of the fastest moving planets in the solar system, goes into retrograde quite occasionally. Q2. When does Mercury start its retrograde cycle?
Mercury will begin its retrograde cycle on April 2, 2024 and will be continuing for the coming weeks of this month and will lay some astrological impact in our lives.

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