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USA Basketball Junior National Team April Minicamp: Day 1 Top Performers

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Phoenix, Arizona – USA Basketball invited 66 of the top high school basketball prospects in the United States for the USA Basketball Junior National Team April Minicamp. This minicamp annually takes place around the Final Four and is part of the selection process for the final junior national teams (u16 and u17) that will represent the United States in FIBA Tournaments this summer.

On3 was one of the select media personnel credentialed for the closed practice session. Here are the top performers from Day 1.

On3 MVP Five-Star Plus+ PF Koa Peat (2025)

Koa Peat is a veteran of USA Basketball, yet the Five-Star Plus+ forward came into this event wanting to prove a point. From a physicality standpoint, he’s on another level from the other campers. The 6-8 forward is comfortable with the ball in his hands, wants to defend, and is a competitor. A strong showing from On3’s No. 5 prospect in 2025 from Gilbert (AZ) Perry High.

2. 4-star SG Hudson Greer (2025) 

Hudson Greer played the role of a featured scorer in today’s practice, and he played the part effectively. An athletic 6-foot-6 frame, Greer picked his spots throughout the day to find his production. He has a natural feel for the game. He cut well off the ball, but he was most comfortable stepping into his mid-range jump shots. The three-point shot was good today, especially off the catch. It was a very productive day for Greer. 

3. 4-star F Alex Constanza (2026)

Alex Constanza walks on the floor with an impressive frame. Good length with projectability as he continues into a college strength program. The strength of his game continues to be his shooting. He has a smooth, pure jump shot that he repeats from each level. He was comfortable stepping into two-dribble pull-ups and his catch-and-shoot threes were near automatic today. The 6-foot-7 forward played with a lot of confidence and got things done in the passing lanes.

4. 4-star C Malachi Moreno (2025)

Malachi Moreno has a projectable frame, with good length, and he is listed at 6-foot-11. His production was intriguing today. He moved well off the ball and finished with touch around the basket. Moreno has cleaned up the jump shot and it is a weapon to spread the floor as he knocked down his only catch-and-shoot attempt today. The junior post player is a good area rebounder, has strong hands, and high points the ball. He also showed rim protection and natural timing around the basket as a shot blocker. He continues to be a productive player in his settings. 

5. Five-Star Plus+ SG Meleek Thomas (2025)

Meleek Thomas ended today’s session very strongly. The 6-3 shooting guard of Pittsburgh (PA) Lincoln Park High brought the intensity and had some electric plays. His scoring ability really popped as he got the rim and shot the ball well. The Five-Star plus prospect brings a leadership quality and communicates well with his teammates. He always seems to be having fun.

6. 4-star F Niko Bundalo (2025)

Niko Bundalo simply made plays. Listed for this event at 6-foot-10, he was the tallest player on his team, and he showed that on the boards. He cleaned up defensive rebounds with toughness, tracking the ball in and out of his area. Offensively, he was most comfortable facing the basket. He took a few threes and knocked down a couple of them. The lefty jump shot was a bit elongated, but at his size, the person guarding him had trouble closing out to it. He cut well and finished close to the basket. Bundalo was also a weapon pushing the break, showing a handle and a controlled pace.

7. 4-star PG Kingston Flemings (2025)

Kingston Flemings stepped on the floor and seemingly had complete control of what was going on. He handled the ball well, maneuvering in the half-court and he made appropriate reads, getting the ball to the dangerous spots on the floor. Flemings competed on the defensive end, especially at the point of attack. He has quick feet and active hands and applies extended pressure. You want your point guard to have control of things, and be an extension of the coach. Flemings did that today.

8. 4-star PF Chris Cenac (2025)

Even when he is not getting shots with his team, Chris Cenac can find production in the game. He is a unique defender at 6-foot-10, with the ability to slide his feet with perimeter-based players. He also has good timing as a shot blocker and rim protector. Cenac will need to continue adding weight and keep growing his offensive game. He rebounded the ball well, made a nice jump hook over his left shoulder, and consistently ran the court with a purpose. His long-term projection is very interesting and his current production is continuing to grow.

9. 4-star SG Jason Crowe Jr. (2026)

Jason Crowe Jr will not wow you with athleticism or quick twitch, but his production speaks for itself at the end of the day. He has a smooth floor game, understands pace, and uses his dribble and footwork to create angles and get to his spots. He is a good shooter from multiple levels, stepping into mid-range jump shots and knocking down catch-and-shoot threes from all around the arc. 

10. Five-Star Plus+ PG Brandon McCoy (2026)

Brandon McCoy recently moved to the No. 1 spot in On3’s updated 2026 rankings. The 6-foot-4 guard has excellent basketball instincts. Defensively he played well in the passing lanes, getting multiple deflections off the ball. He moves his feet well and changes direction quickly. Offensively, he got a lot done in transition, finishing at the basket. The jump shot was not falling today, but his imprint was firmly left on the game. 

Other Top USA Basketball Performers

4-star F Sadiq White (2025) is a supreme athlete and when any opportunity arose, he got on the rim. He is a quick-twitch defender, and the upside there is very intriguing. Offensively, he is at his best in transition.

4-star PF Davion Adkins (2026) is a rangy and lengthy forward. He ran the floor well today, going from the front of the rim to the front of the rim which led to a few dunks in transition. The upside of his physical makeup intrigues. 

4-star PF Terrion Burgess (2025) has an impressive frame with excellent length. He is a fluid athlete, able to change direction with good verticality. He is left-hand dominant. The physical makeup is intriguing. 

4-star SG Bryce James (2025) had a somewhat quiet day, but he was still able to make some plays. James knocked down a catch-and-shoot jump shot from the win. He also guarded the ball, creating multiple turnovers.

4-star C Xavion Staton (2025) opened eyes tonight. His ability to block shots at a high level and be a lob threat, along with the way he moves at 6-11, is very intriguing. While he is still raw and thin, his upside is enormous, and he plays with a high motor.

4-star SF Jalen Montonati (2026) is a noted shooter, and he came out the gates knocking down shots. Listed at 6-foot-8, his quick release was a weapon.

4-star SF Jamier Jones (2025) is an explosive athlete and he is at his best when he is able to stretch his legs and get into the open court. He has a physical frame with good length. 

4-star F Nik Khamenia (2025) shined with his toughness. At 6-foot-6, he knows how to play, able to dribble, shoot, and pass. But his physicality led to some production.

4-star PF Jaden Toombs (2025) continues to give solid performances. He is a good area rebounder and he finishes shots, in traffic, and around the basket. 

4-star SG Mazi Mosley (2025) has an excellent frame and he picked his spots well to find production in this setting. He got a few steals in transition and finished above the rim in transition. 

SF Malachi Booker (2027) had an impressive showing. This was my first live viewing of him, and he has an excellent frame and real shot-making ability. 

4-star PG DeRon Rippey (2026) is a quick-twitch lead guard and showcased his first step, touching the paint regularly. His movements are quick but efficient and he shows upside as a point-of-attack defender.

PG Beckham Black (2027) the younger brother of Orlando Magic rookie Anthony Black has an excellent feel for the game. He passed the ball really well today, both in the open court and in pick-and-roll situations. 

4-star SG Brandon Bass (2026) is a noted scorer and he looks to get his shots in the half-court. He has good size for a wing and a smooth left-handed shooting stroke.

4-star SF Jackson Keith (2025) made shots today. He did not do much creation or off-the-bounce, but he found open spots and put the ball in the basket on multiple occasions.

4-star SF Cam Holmes (2026) is playing a home game here, being from the Phoenix area. Holmes moved well off the ball and knocked down the open jump shots he got. The jump shot looks much improved as a weapon.

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