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American Tennis Star Frances Tiafoe’s Girlfriend Ayan Broomfield Makes Feelings Clear About Her ‘WAG’ Identity

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The acronym “WAG,” which stands for Wives and Girlfriends, is frequently used to describe professional players’ partners. The girlfriend of Frances Tiafoe, Ayan Broomfield, has found that this tag can be a source of empowerment and contention. There is a complicated connection between Broomfield and the term “WAG.” She first acknowledged her unease with the title, since she thought it was demeaning and obscured her own identity and achievements.

However, after reflecting on the importance of dedication and sacrifice that goes beyond the tag, Broomfield experienced a significant change of viewpoint. Here’s what she revealed about how the shift that helped her take the term “WAG” as something valuable and meaningful.

Frances Tiafoe’s girlfriend is embracing the WAG term


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Ayan Broomfield, the long-term girlfriend of World No. 10 tennis player, has her own identity beyond her association with her partner. She is a well-recognized WAG in the tennis community. However, she recently revealed her struggles with accepting the term. This is because she considered it to be “a devaluating term that stripped women of their worth”. But Broomfield eventually learned to value the women who uplifted their spouses in their lives and jobs that are intricately associated with being a WAG.

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“Sitting down and having conversations about sacrifice, dedication, and hard work, I realized that being a WAG was powerful and presented an opportunity.” Broomfield confessed in an interview. She further continued and said, “I figured if I were going to be in this position and have a platform, I wanted to use it for good”.


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Broomfield thinks there has been a big change in the meaning of the term “WAG”. It has gone from women relying on their partners to make sure they succeed to them using the platform to get a place at the table. She believes that WAG culture is about women shining and taking the stage. Broomfield further revealed how WAGs are collaborating with different brands and businesses as well. They are now involved in the creation of content, along with supporting their partners. Her own foundation is an example of the same.

Broomfield’s foundation to promote athletic wear

In an effort to combine her business and philanthropy, Broomfield established the Ayan Broomfield Foundation. The places that she has visited during the tournaments with Frances Tiafoe mainly inspired it. The main aim of the foundation is to provide tennis and athletic wear for underprivileged youth. Talking about her foundation, she stated, “My foundation is my way of making use of everything that comes with being a WAG. The impact of giving back and helping those in need is the most powerful thing you can do.”.


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Besides transforming mindsets within the sports world, Broomfield is encouraging others to embrace their own power. Through using her platform for good, she is inspiring others to take a stand for their own identity.

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