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Why USA Is MS Dhoni’s Favorite Go-To Travel Destination? Thala EXPLAINS

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MS Dhoni, the ex captain of CSK, recently disclosed that his favorite travel destination in the world is the United States. While the USA has long been coveted for its stunning landscapes and diverse culture, Dhoni has found personal tranquility in activities like golf, exploring culinary delights, and fostering friendships during his visits to the country.

At a promotional event for CSK, Dhoni shared that his preferred travel destination is New Jersey in the US. The former India captain, who clinched the World Cup, mentioned that he frequents a friend’s residence in New Jersey. There, they indulge in lengthy sessions of golf, punctuated by breaks filled with delicious food.

“It’s not like we do a lot so we play golf in the New Jersey side. I go to my friend’s place and the golf place is like 2.5 minutes from the house,” Dhoni said.

During the event, when one of the convenors jokingly inquired about the identity of his friend, Dhoni playfully left the fans in suspense with his response.

“With my friend. Not many people know,” he laughed.

The 42-year-old also mentioned that during his holidays, he enjoys nothing more than playing golf and savoring delicious food. Dhoni finds this leisurely activity calming and rejuvenating, especially after the hectic pace of cricket.

“We play golf for four and a half hours and then we sit, we eat food and we do the same thing the next day. So doing nothing, just playing golf, having food for 15-20 days and then the club has a member-member tournament over there, so we participate in the tournament and come back. But for me, that is the best 15-20 days. Doing nothing, only playing golf and eating food,” Dhoni said.

Rohit disclosed that Dhoni would be jetting off to the US during the T20 World Cup, slated to kick off on June 2. In a lighthearted tone, Rohit remarked that convincing Dhoni to join the Indian team might be a tough task.

Despite his extensive cricketing tenure spanning over two decades, Dhoni has exhibited unwavering dedication to the sport. CSK’s head coach, Stephen Fleming, revealed that Dhoni has been actively participating in the IPL 2024 season despite nursing a muscle tear. Nevertheless, Dhoni continues to make significant contributions to his team, delighting fans with his impactful cameos.

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