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Why are there no NBA games today, Saturday April 13?

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With names such as LeBron James and Stephen Curry finding themselves at the wrong end of the conference, it’s safe to say we’ve seen a special season of NBA basketball.

The drama has seen fans hugely engrossed by the on-court action, so there were some raised eyebrows when people realised that the action would stop on Saturday 13 April, right as the season tension winds up before the surely sensational conclusion.

Why are there no NBA games on Saturday April 13?

As mentioned, there are no NBA games set to take place on Saturday, April 13. The reason is that all 30 teams are engaged in action on both Friday the 12th and Sunday the 14th, the final day of the regular season.

The rationale behind this decision is to ensure fairness, avoiding any team having to play their last crucial game of the season on the second night of a back-to-back. At this stage of the campaign, every little helps and a day extra rest could be the difference between a clean shot and a wobbly wrist.

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Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) dunks during the second half against the Memphis Grizzlies.Petre ThomasUSA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con

This is not the only time within a week that the league will be on hiatus, as on Monday, April 8, the NBA took a break to accommodate the NCAA Tournament National Championship game, where the UConn Huskies beat the Purdue Boilermakers for their second consecutive college basketball title.

The next break in the season will take place on on Monday, April 15, allowing teams participating in the Play-In tournament a moment to gather their thoughts before they start their respective postseason journeys. The drama really is set to ignite.

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