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Weekly Horoscope, 27-May to 02-June-2024: Explore our weekly horoscope and navigate the week ahead with confidence

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The influence of Mars may at times push you to assert your views more aggressively. And, instead of seeing other person’s point of view, you may harden your stance, in the face of any resistance. Not to be rigid like this or else you may not be able to take advantage of planetary favour this week. You may have good inflow of money during this week. There may not be much of problems for you to manage your money. However, you shall incur expenses, on account of some social or religious ceremony. The week may begin with a positive note and harmony may prevail in your relationship. But, as the week progresses, your relationships may hit a rough patch as some serious issue may crop up due to the impact of South Node. You may face some obstacles in the beginning of this week and may not find the going smooth. Here you may have to struggle more before getting desired results in studies. You are likely to maintain normal health during the most of the part of this week. However, during the middle of this week, you may suffer from digestive disorders, may be due to some irregular eating habits.

Mercury is likely to bring some good opportunities for growth and gain during this week. You need to figure out the root cause of the problems. If you have your basics right, you may eventually get the success that you always deserve. No lending, no borrowings and no investments during this week, unless it is absolutely unavoidable. You will be able to manage your resources more efficiently as the impact of South Node can be disruptive. You may have enough planetary support hence it can be a good time to make decisive step in your love life. But your emotions will be intense during this week. During this week your level of concentration would be better and hence you will be able to perform well in your studies. During this week, there can be some harm to health. Now your eating habits need to be taken care of. You need to rest and relax properly to revitalize your body for daily hustle.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Amid some disruptions the week seems prosperous and progressive for your career. If you are doing business, Mars around the middle of this week may bring some good opportunity to strike a lucrative deal. You would receive good gains and so the financial position would stay satisfying this week due to blessings of Jupiter. This will be a good time to prepare a solid financial plan for investing your hard earned money. Your heart will be filled with love, romance and intimacy. Venus may bring some wonderful opportunity for love or dating this week. Your fortune will favour you in your studies and hence you will get success in all your tasks and examinations. Your resistance level will be good but there will be some stress on your mind and hence you may not so energetic. Monitor your blood pressure closely, if you have any such health issues.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

There may be some stiff resistance and disruptions at your work place in the beginning of this week due to the impact of Saturn. Remain focused on your current activity and work diligently to achieve results. If you are in business, you will generally get good opportunities for growth and gain but you may require unique or some out of the box ideas to succeed in your objectives related to business in this phase. Financially, this could be a ruffled path for you in which you will find yourself overburdened. Chances of taking wrong decisions are also expected so you need to avoid hasty decisions. Planetary impact this week indicates that you may find the going tough for your academic activities. The transit of South Node indicates that you may feel very much occupied and there can be some unknown stress on your mind which might affect your health.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Jupiter indicates a positive week for your career. The favourable influence may bring new work assignments of your choice. If you are in business, you should remain patient when dealing with some tricky circumstances. The beginning of the week will be hectic but it will help you grow financially. You will see your plans getting executed smoothly as the week advances. Stars during this week will not be some favorable for relationship affairs. Due to the Mars’ impact, there will be fights or disputes between you and your mate and the whole atmosphere will be full of some disharmony and strife during the first half of this week. You may have to deal with the problems with diplomacy and patience. The impact of Mercury can help you refocus on your studies, which will improve your performance to quite an extent. Your health may remain good during this week and your productivity and fitness is likely to increase.

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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Jupiter will make you able to accomplish tasks related to your profession with quite an ease during this week. If you are in business, this could be the best week to seek solutions and to fight odds with the best of your abilities. Conditions may begin to favour you from midweek. You are likely to strike profitable deals. The combined impact of Mars and Venus will give you chance to get a little loose with friends, or doing something stimulating. The planetary influence may generally remain favourable for your studies this week. It will be a good time for you to expand horizons by learning new skills and subjects. The beginning of this week looks somewhat adverse for your health hence you are advised not to take any physical risk here. Also, you will require to watch your food habits and control it during this phase.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

As the week begins, you are likely to remain very optimistic about your career prospects. If you are doing business, the progress and activities for expansion of business shall pick up the pace but it will become more challenging. Don’t get frustrated due to some delays and difficulties caused by Saturn. There may be plenty of earning opportunities during the latter part of this week. In your relationship matters, you may notice some positive changes right away in the beginning of this week, but as the week progresses the things may turn bit bitter, if you don’t pay attention. Your creativity will be on high in the beginning of this week. However, your wayward approach may cause problems in education. Your health shall remain good during the most of the part of this week.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

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Venus will make you feel good as there will be some positive development at your career front. But, as the week advances, you should keep a close watch over your competitors and enemies. If you are doing business, you might also feel restless due to the complex energy of North Node. Do not take any kind of hasty decisions before evaluating pros and cons this time around. . You must avoid participating in risky projects. In fact, it is time to think about how to improve the financial conditions of the family. You will also experience doubts regarding your relationship so you need to put in efforts to maintain peace and to achieve conjugal bliss. You will have a good health and quick relief from diseases if they appear in case. Mercury will increase curiosity within you to explore new things and also know about new subjects and skills in your studies.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Jupiter this week indicate an auspicious period for professionals. The working environment may remain harmonious and you will be putting your best foot forward. So, your career growth will be fabulous. If you are unemployed, you are likely to find good opportunities for employment. You will have strong planetary support this week so you can anticipate good fortune on the financial front during this week. In addition, there will be unexpected gains. Mercury will bring positive impact on your love life and relationship. If you are in committed relationship, you will be eager to express your emotions to the person you love and take it to the next level. In the beginning of this week, the planets may lead you to learn things well and able to make due progress. But, from mid of this week the impact of North Node may not propitious for the educational prospects. The stars this week foretell excellent health for you. A good fitness regime may keep you fit and fine. This week is positive for your well-being.

Aries Weekly Horoscope

The impact of Jupiter along with the Venus will inspire you to give a shot to the high position you have always wanted to get. If you are in business, solid planning will help you to achieve everything you want at gain. If your finances are not balanced and spending is more than savings, then this can be the ideal time to implement some corrective measures. The cosmic energy will bring all harmony in your love life, and you will be extra magnetic as the week begins. The goodness will continues-and will get deeper as the week advances. The impact of planets will boost your health and you will be very much comfortable with your energy and fitness level. You may proceed with your education with good interest. It will be the time to keep self-confidence and motivation as Mercury indicates that there will be some situations wherein you may face some tough conditions.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Career success will depend on how well you prepare strategy to manage stiff competition. If you are doing business, it will be necessary to invest in your development, the money spent and efforts will return a manifold in future. Mercury indicates changes in your financial strategies to increase your earnings. As the week advances, money flow will be excellent but you may have a tendency to overspend. Jupiter will offer you stability in your love life and relationship matters, even if it may not be particularly very romantic phase. It indicates good times for education and learning new skills. If you are taking competitive examinations, you are likely tl do well. However, Saturn will demand you to be sincere and work hard. The stars foretell strong health status during the week. Mars will improve your well-being and physical energy significantly.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Saturn will demand hard work and determination to manage the work pressure during this phase. If you are doing business, you will have to be clear with your projects to accomplish. Strive for a balance in your working so that you can take right decisions at a right time. Don’t worry about your finances though as the experiences that you will get this week can be a good lesson for you to work on your money management skills. The impact of South Node will make you see the difference between dreams and reality. This week may eliminate all the illusions about yourself, and also about the relationship. Your health prospects will remain wonderful for you during this week. The stars this week for force you to leave an easy going approach to witness better results in your studies.


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