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USA Basketball: Seven from 2027 to watch from the Final Four minicamp

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One of the best parts of Final Four weekend is the high school minicamp that USA Basketball has run during the weekend. It was no different as many of the top players from the classes of 2025, 2026 and 2027 made their way to the desert to compete in this year’s edition of the camp. After taking a few days to digest what we were able to watch, we wanted to take a class by class look at some of the standouts.

Now that we’ve covered the class of 2025 extensively and taken a look at the class of 2026, it’s time to move on to the class of 2027.

These players still have much of their story to write but we wanted to highlight seven freshmen that impressed.

Beckham Black – The younger brother of former five-star and current Orlando Magic guard Anthony Black, he doesn’t yet have AB’s size but man does he have some skill and competitive fire. A dangerous shooter from deep who is a clever playmaker, Black has a confidence and swagger to him that is well beyond his years. He looked more than comfortable and held his own against older players.

Devin Cleveland – There has been a lot of talk about the state of Illinois having a strong group in the class of 2027 and if Cleveland is an example of what to expect from some highly touted guards, we’re looking forward to watching that class. Don’t let his youth and lack of strength fool you because this guy has some real killer in him on the floor. He shoots with range, he can get to the cup and showed some serious playmaking chops. He’s already been offered by Illinois.

Ryan Hampton – The younger brother of another former five-star with NBA Experience, RJ Hampton, he’s a long and athletic wing who has a nose for getting buckets. Hampton was really active in transition, isn’t shy about driving to the rim and looks like he’s got some ability as a jump shooter. He put up big numbers as a freshman and has all of the physical tools to go along with some game.

Jaylan Mitchell – We first saw Mitchell last summer and were impressed by his mature game and overall skill level. That remains the case. He’s pretty strong for such a young player and has a really nice inside/out game. He can make shots, competes on the glass and has a knack for coming up with loose balls. He already has a trio of high major offers from Arizona State, Illinois and Missouri.

Babatunde Oladotun – He’s going to have to get much stronger, but man Oladotun is an impressive looking prospect. Perhaps even the most impressive we saw from the class of 2027. Long, agile, skilled and athletic, he’s almost all arms and legs right now and can knocked around a bit physically. However, the current level of ability when combined with physical upside gives him a pretty high ceiling for growth. Mississippi State and Virginia Tech are the first two high majors to offer.

Jordan Page – Still only 14-years-old, Page caught our attention during the winter playing with his high school team in North Carolina and he showed some real flashes in Phoenix. Arleady at least 6-foot-4, he’s got a long and lean frame, is a plus athlete and has some ability as both a jump shooter and driver. Obviously, he’s got to keep progressing but this is what high major wings look like.

Henry Robinson Jr. – Looking at him, it’s hard to believe that Robinson is another who is still only 14-years-old. He’s got the build of a high school junior or senior with 6-foot-6 size, long arms and well above average athleticism. He competed for rebounds, got out and ran in transition and looked to have a nice base of skill during drills.

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