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USA Basketball Junior National Team April Minicamp: Overall Top Performers

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Phoenix, Arizona – Every year, druing the Final Four, USA Basketball holds their April Junior National Team Minicamp. This year, 66 of the top players in the 2025, 2026, and 2027 high school classes were under one roof in Phonix.

Select pre-approved media was able to take in three practice sessions. The first two days for he USA Basketball Junior National Team Minicamp had all three classes in attendance. The third day, the class of 2025 held an off-site scrimmage while the 2026 and 2027 classes were in attendance.

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Let’s discuss the top performers from the USA Basketball Junior National Team National April Minicamp.

Full USA Basketball Junior National Team April Minicamp Roster

On3 MVP: 4-star SG Hudson Greer (2025)

In the session we were able to view, Hudson Greer was consistently aggressive and looking to score the ball. However, in his attempts to score he was not inefficient. He got to his spots in the half-court within two and three dribbles, he aggressively got out in transition, and he knocked down open jumpers in the half-court. 

Greer, a 6-foot-5 shooting guard from Austin (TX) Lake Travis High, is No. 31 in the current 2025 On3 150. He averaged 22.4 points on 54 percent shooting this high school season. Greer is a good straight-line athlete with a projectable frame, able to get on the rim in traffic. The handle is good in short spaces and he will need to continue straightening out the shooting release on catch-and-shoot threes. However, he has a good basketball feel, and his overall efficiency is something that stood out this weekend. 

2. Five-Star Plus+ PF Koa Peat (2025)

Koa Peat is a veteran of the USA Basketball minicamp as he was part of the gold-medal winning team that played in the u16 FIBA Americas Championships. 

Peat played confidently, and with that came his typical production. Peat is a very good area rebounder and he pushes the break with control and his head up. The 6-foot-7 forward probes the open floor well and can step into his jump shot to create opportunities in the half-court. Peat has a unique game, comfortable as a point-forward with the ball in his hands making decisions. He will need to continue shoring up his jump shot and there are questions of his quick-twitch athleticism. There is no denying the overall production that Peat continues to show at every level. Peat is currently ranked No. 5 in the 2025 On3 150. 

3. 4-star PF Chris Cenac (2025)

One of the USA Basketball Junior National Team coaches told me during the event that Chris Cenac told him he would go out during the scrimmages and grab every rebound. Fast-forward to the scrimmage sessions, and it appeared that Cenac attempted to do just that. Already one of the taller players in the camp, his activity level was largely unmatched. 

Cenac has an excellent frame with legit size and plus length, this aspect pops the second he walks on the floor. Once out on the court, you see how unique Cenac can be among his peers. His fluidity and ability to run at his size put him a leg up in many situations. This is a major reason why On3 moved Cenac to No. 18 in the most recent 2025 On3 150 update. Offensively, Cenac is still raw and will need to continue developing. He does have natural touch and he can step out to knock down a jump shot, but as he continues to add strength to his base and his core, more offensive games close to the basket should develop. He ended possessions at a high level, switched down a lineup to slide with perimeter-based forwards, and he protected the rim. Cenac has a lot of traits that translate to the modern game. 

4. Five-Star Plus+ PG Brandon McCoy (2026)

Brandon McCoy recently took over the No. 1 spot in On3’s 2026 rankings. The 6-foot-5 guard from Bellflower (CA) St. John Bosco showcased why he is held in such high regard throughout this camp. 

McCoy has long arms and a fluid frame. He utilized a crafty handle that got him to his spots in the halfcourt. When asked to play on the ball for his team, McCoy showed some flashy, and consistent passing chops. He will need to continue adding weight and overall tightening to his game. But McCoy projects as a two-way lead guard who can knock down a pull-up jump shot, touch the paint, and defend at the point of attack. McCoy showcased a lot of positives with current production and ceiling remaining for continued growth.

5. 4-star PF Niko Bundalo (2025)

Niko Bundalo came in at No. 19 in the recently updated 2025 On3 150. The productivity that the 6-foot-10 forward showed throughout multiple sessions of the USA Basketball Junior National Team Minicamp showed clearly why Bundalo is held in such high regard. 

Bundalo came into Phoenix with a reputation for his skill set and fluidity. He is most comfortable with the ball, facing the basket, and creating opportunities. He is a capable shooter with a range extending out to three. And the threat of his knocking down a jump shot opens up his ability to drive toward the rim. Bundalo is strongly left-handed, but he plays with a controlled pace. He will need to continue tightening his jump shot and keep adding overall strength to his core and his base, which could help with his overall quickness. The part of this weekend that shined the brightest, for me, was his rebounding and his off-ball defense around the rim. 

6. 4-star PG Kingston Flemings (2025)

While Kingston Flemings’ game might have not been the flashiest, the point guard had complete control of the floor when he was on it. The San Antonio (TX) Brennan High junior is currently On3’s No. 4 point guard in the 2025 class. 

He had a confident showing at this USA Basketball Minicamp. He took care of possessions, which was the main thing, keeping turnovers few and far between. Flemings got the ball to dangerous areas of the floor and he was a threat to score himself, knocking down jump shots and floaters. While the 6-foot-1 guard is on the smaller side, he defends at the point-of-attack with a purpose and he puts pressure on the defense with the ball. 

7. Five-Star Plus+ SG Meleek Thomas (2025)

There is an electric factor with Maleek Thomas’ game that he is only one shot away from ringing off a stretch of buckets. He has a quick handle, with the confidence to carry a team offensively and get his shot off in the half-court. 

What helps to enhance his ability to score is his willingness to defend the ball. He is a two-way threat, applying pressure both on and off the ball. Thomas competes every second he is on the floor, and he looks like he is having a blast doing so. He will need to continue working on his footwork and getting into his shots off the bounce. He will also need to continue getting stronger. Thomas can put up numbers in a hurry as the Pittsburgh (PA) Lincoln Park High guard just won his second state championship.  

8. 4-star PG DeRon Rippey (2026)

The explosive athleticism DeRon Rippey showed was unique, even among some of the top players in the country, his burst popped. Riley lived in the paint, and he was able to consistently make plays once there. 

What enhanced his explosion, was the pace he played. He was not all out burst and he did not get out of control. He probed the defense with the ball and would blow by the defender when the space presented itself. Rippey read the defense well, finishing plays in traffic with timely dishes, floaters, and even dunks. He will need to continue working on his jump shot, tightening that up to become more of a threat. But the defense struggled to stay in front of the Blairstown Township (NJ) Blair Academy guard. Rippey is the No. 4 point guard in On3’s current 2026 rankings.

9. 4-star C Xavion Staton (2025)

There are two sides to Xavion Staton’s game. The first side, and the side that makes him the most intriguing is that he was the best natural rim protector in the camp (and possibly in high school basketball). He has excellent length with natural timing and a quick twitch that has him quickly cover ground to affect most shots within 15 feet. 

On the flip side of the 7-foot-0 junior’s game, he is very raw offensively. A late-bloomer, new to the game, Staton is still learning the game and the reads. When the game is simplified for him, and he plays as a lob threat or out of the dunker spots, he is the most effective. He showed touch in the drill portion, but he was not asked to take any in the five-on-five parts. He will need to keep adding strength. Staton moves very well and he is an active rebounder. As he continues to get game reps and things start to slow down for him, he has a high upside. 

10. 4-star PF Davion Adkins (2026)

Davion Adkins was perhaps the biggest breakout of the event. The Waxahatchee (TX) Faith Family Assembly is an explosive forward who made flash plays around the rim all weekend. 

Listed at 6-foot-8, Adkins’ presence was felt on defense, getting numerous weak side and chase down blocks. He also rebounded the ball well. While his offensive game is limited, Adkins did not do anything that he could not do. He played efficiently, within himself, sprinting from rim to rim and playing out of the dunker spot. He will need to continue adding to his range and offensive game, and that should come. However, his natural athletic frame is bursting with upside and this was a setting where he showed the flashes are quickly coming together. 

Other USA Basketball Top Performers

4-star PG Mikel Brown (2025) played confidently on the ball. While he is continuing to get stronger, he did a good job of running the show. He shot the ball well on the second day.

4-star SG Jason Crowe (2026) has a smooth floor game and always seems to be a threat to score the ball. The 6-foot-3 lefty plays with good balance and he has a repeatable jump shot with deep range.

4-star SG Bryce James (2025) played a solid connecting role throughout the camp. His shooting form looked clean and he moved the ball well. James also carries a projectable frame.

4-star SF Jalen Montonati (2026) is a noted shooter who came into camp with USA Basketball experience last summer. He moved well off the ball, putting pressure on the rim with his cutting.

4-star PG Aaron Rowe (2025/Missouri) played well in the pick and roll, especially on day two. He was confident on the ball and delivered on target passes from various levels. Made a couple of floaters when given room.

4-star SG Brandon Bass (2026) showcased his confident scoring chops. He has a quick release, getting into his shot. Was inconsistent on defense and moving the ball, but ther were some electric moments scoring the ball.

4-star F Alex Constanza (2026) had one of the purest shooting stokes in the camp. Standing 6-foot-7, he stepped into his shot off one and two dribbles and the catch and shoot. We will see where his athleticism goes, but the shooting was real.

4-star PG Marcus Johnson (2026) moved the ball well and took care of possessions. The jump shot wil lneed to continue smoothing out and there are athletic questions, but he is very confident on the ball and has a natural feel for putting the ball into dangerous areas.

PG Becham Black (2027) is the younger brother of Orlando Magic guard Anthony Black. He has a smooth floor game and natural feel. Although one of the yuoubger players he was not out of his element.

4-star F Terrion Burgess (2025) is a lefty with a very intriguing physical makeup. He has good length and fluid athleticism. Burgess is quite left-hand dominant, but when give a straight line to the rim – going left – he would aggressively take it.

4-star SF Jackson Keith (2025) was an opportunistic scorer this weekend. He carries low usage, but was able to find open spots on the floor and knock down open shots. He spaced well and played hard. Strong and physical frame.

4-star CG Jacob Lanier (2026) was confident play on or off the ball. He has a good frame, with projectability. He will need to continue smoothing out his overall output, but his ability o get to spots and make shots was intriguing at 6-foot-5.

SF Baba Oladotun (2027) has a lengthy frame and a smooth jump shot. When his feet were set, he knocked it down a majority of the time. He will need to continue adding strength and enhancing his handle. Would like to see him put more pressure on the paint, but the shooting touch off the catch is real.

SG Jordan Page (2027) was one of the youngest player in the camp. It took him a day to get his feel right, but by day three he was confidently getting into this mid-range shot. Page is a good athlete and has some interesting stuff in the middle game.

4-star SF Elijah Williams (2026) is the son of Detroit Pistons coach Monty Williams. He has a strong frame and a pure shooting stroke. He has a sturdy frame and solid straight line athleticism.

4-star SF Shelton Henderson (2025) is a jack-of-all-trades, connecting-type guard. He will need to work on the shooting stroke, but has a physical frame and can handle, defend, and pass from multiple levels of the court.

4-star F Nik Khamenia (2025) is skilled. In this camp he showed the ability to move the ball and play with toughness. While he did not make shots through the first two days, the form looked good and he set up confidently. He still made winning-type plays.

4-star G Trey McKenney (2025) has a physical frame and he used it this weekend to touch the paint and defend at the point-of-attack. McKenney is a solid shooter and a confident scorer.

4-star C Malachi Moreno (2025) continues to improve as a mobile post. A true five, he knocked down multiple jump shots, protected the rim, and rebounded his area well. He plays with a toughness on the court, while still getting stronger and developing his offensive arsenal.

4-star SF Sadiq White (2025) is a supreme athlete and that is how he found hisproduction. He needs to develop the handle, shooting, and processing, but the defensive upside is real and he is a terror on the rim in transition.

4-star F Sebastian Williams-Adams (2025) found production across the board. While not overly dynamic in any one piece of his game, he did a lot of positive stuff working from the inside, out.

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