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‘Too Much Testosterone’- Elated Coco Gauff Relieved As All-American Tennis Gang Gets New Addition, Thanks to Christopher Eubanks

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Standing along with Chris Eubanks and Ben Shelton, Coco Gauff felt outnumbered in her own gang! But now that Eubanks has a girlfriend, Anna, it has given the WTA phenom a female member of the group, bringing a ‘nice balance with the two’ ATP players. Gauff recently talked about how, especially for her, having Eubanks’ partner maintains balance in the group.

At a press conference, the WTA star opened up about how she used to manage the gang activities and how the 28-year-old tennis player’s girlfriend’s involvement in the gang has made a good change for her. Gauff stated, “I think we started with all four of us with Chris and girlfriend Anna in Australia. Yeah, it’s been a fun thing ever since.”

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Not only that, the third-ranked player also highlighted how managing both boys before Anna was quite tough for her. Further, she added, “I’m usually the one that’s coordinating everybody’s thing. I have to schedule two or three weeks in advance. Ben won’t respond to messages a lot, which is kind of annoying. He’s usually always down for it. I’ve learned to already book it and tell him later because he won’t respond.”


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Along with that, Coco Gauff clearly highlighted that the couple in their group are quite easy-going and are always down to do anything, unlike Shelton. After complaining about the 14th-ranked tennis player, she emphasized the fact that having Eubanks’ girlfriend in the gang is amazing, as now things have become easy for Gauff.


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“I’m really happy that Chris got a girlfriend ’cause I got tired being around with guys. Being with Anna is a nice balance with the two. I don’t think I would do it with just the three of us. That would be rough. Too much testosterone,” she stated. Not only that, just a few days ago, the reigning US Open champion also shared their gang experience of playing escape room all together.

Coco Gauff impressed by Eubanks’ girlfriend’s gaming skills

At the Miami Open, the 2023 US Open champion is ready to make history once more by winning her first-round match. After winning, Coco Gauff had a conversation with the Tennis Channel about her previous exciting experiences in escape rooms with her friends.


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She said, “Okay, so we’ve done two escape rooms, our little group, which is me, Anna, which is Chris’ girlfriend, and Ben. We did one in Melbourne, and definitely Ben was the strongest, I would say that day, which was surprising because we all thought he was going to suck, but he was pretty good, and then we did another one in Indian Wells, and I think me and Anna was the strongest.”

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Gauff also pointed out that even though Anna was the strongest of them all, Shelton’s performance was really awful, leading her to decide that Chris was the worst overall. Nevertheless, what are your thoughts on the young WTA tennis player’s revelation? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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