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Texas mother arrested after allegedly leaving young children alone to take a cruise

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A Texas woman was arrested after allegedly leaving her children at home alone to take a cruise.

Lakesha Woods Williams, 29, left her 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter by themselves in their Houston apartment to go on vacation on April 4, according to a criminal complaint.

She is charged with abandoning a child with intent to return.

Deputies with the Harris County Constable’s Office made a wellness check on Tuesday following a call for service. A witness told them that neighbors in the complex were concerned about the safety of two kids left on their own in one of the units. The witness said other residents had seen Williams leaving with bags and luggage and did not see her come back.

“The apartment was in complete disarray and had trash and left-over food all over the unit,” the document said. There was a “very potent smell of urine” inside as well.

“No adults were present supervising the juveniles, and none appeared to have been present since the Defendant’s departure,” the document continued. Deputies also found a camera in the apartment that Williams used to watch and talk to the kids during her trip, and her son had a phone he used to text her.

The document did not specify which cruise line Williams sailed with or where she went. “Deputies tried contacting the Defendant to make the scene, but she was not cooperating and was switching up her story on her whereabouts,” the document said.

The Houston Fire Department was called to ensure the children “were in good health and not malnourished,” and Child Protective Services reported to the scene before releasing the children to their aunt.

An attorney for Williams was not listed.

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