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Six things you didn’t know about Team USA sport climber Jesse Grupper

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He cried during his first outdoor climbing experience

While he’s now considered one of the world’s strongest sport climbers, Grupper’s initial experience with the sport brought out a range of emotions that had a profound impact on his choice of career.

“Honestly, probably one of the first experiences I had outdoor climbing. I was incredibly scared and nervous climbing outside, and there was this moment where I was crying a little bit on the wall because I was afraid of falling from heights. I was able to push through that.”

“That feeling of overcoming challenges in my life despite fear was a really powerful and moving thing for me at the time.

He adds, “I’m incredibly excited to continue to chase that feeling and keep climbing.”

Grupper not only overcame that fear but has also made a name for himself climbing notable outdoor routes worldwide, which he documents on his Instagram account. He recently shared his successful ascent of a 5.15a grade climb, “Full Metal Brisket,” on the sandstone cliffs of West Virginia’s New River Gorge.

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