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Shoppers should make other plans as H-E-B will close all US stores for a day

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H-E-B has announced that all of its stores across the US will shutter their doors for one day.

The Texas-based grocery chain is following suit with a slew of other retailers closing for a holiday.


H-E-B confirmed that it will close all of its stores for one day in a few weeksCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The company’s stores will be closed in honor of Easter Sunday.

Customers hoping to get their last-minute grocery items will have to look elsewhere.

But staff can enjoy spending the Sunday celebrating with their friends and family.

H-E-B has a page dedicated to holiday hours on its website with information available on the store’s curbside and home delivery holiday hours.

The retailer only closes its doors for two public holidays, Christmas Day and Easter.

While the store is open on Thanksgiving Day, its pharmacy is closed for the holiday.

Regular store and pharmacy hours are subject to change based on location.


H-E-B was named the top US grocery retailer this past January, surpassing stores such as AmazonTrader Joe’s, and ALDI.

This is per customer data science company, dunnhumby.

The top retailer ranking was revealed in its seventh annual dunnhumby Retailer Preference Index (RPI), according to Business Wire.

Costco announces all US stores will close for the day in just weeks – forcing shoppers to change grocery plans

It ranked this high for its long-term strong customer value proposition, according to the marketing company.

Known for its wide aisles, with an 8 to 10-foot clearance per Eat This, Not That, the space allows shoppers to browse the shelves without congestion.

The retailer is also known for its Texas pride, offering a variety of Tex-Mex staples and Texas-shaped products.

H-E-B takes pride in catering to the community based on the neighborhood it’s in.

“First day in Texas and the kindness of people at HEB is unreal,” wrote a Reddit user.

H-E-B is an abbreviation for Howard E. Butt, the son of the store’s founder, Florence Butt, who first opened a small grocery store in Kerrville, per San Antonio Express-News.

For the second year in a row, Amazon took second place as the best grocery chain.

Meanwhile, Costco came in third place.

The rest of the top ten shops included Market Basket (4), Sam’s Club (5), Wegmans (6), ALDI (7), ShopRite (8), Walmart Neighborhood Market (9), and Walmart (10).

Aldi’s CEO confirmed the company is expanding in several new cities including Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Meanwhile, Dollar Tree is shrinking its number of stores.

Easter Sunday Store Closure

Several retail chains will close their doors to customers and staff in a few weeks time. Here is a list of some of those stores:

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