Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Renck vs. Keeler: What was Team USA thinking leaving Caitlin Clark off Olympic roster?

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Troy Renck: It feels like the WNBA and USA Basketball will only be happy if they are in the C boarding group on Southwest Airlines, playing before half-empty arenas filled with ride-or-die fans telling the rest of us how we don’t get it. This issue resurfaced over the weekend when Indiana Fever star Caitlin Clark was not selected for the American team for the Paris Olympics. An easy argument can be made that she is not one of the top 12 players. But when has Team USA made basketball-only decisions? Coaching politics and marketing influences have long shaped the final rosters. This is a missed opportunity for American women’s basketball to globalize the sport by including Clark — her USA jersey would have been the most popular in women’s history. So, Sean, did Team USA make a mistake by not including Clark on the team?

Sean Keeler:Team USA was under the hoop, wide open, and let a no-look pass from the basketball gods, delivered with a Nikola Jokic touch, slip right through their collective fingers. Since she reportedly tops the list of alternates for the team, I’m not giving up hope just yet. You would think the Olympic folks would be salivating at the chance to move boatloads of women’s hoops merch this summer and fall, but they sure didn’t waste much time torpedoing that idea.

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