Wednesday, May 22, 2024

PokerGO U.S. Open Officially Over

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The 2024 PokerGO U.S. Open Event has finally come to an end, and this was just as successful as it has been in previous years. Some of the top live poker players in the world competed over the past week, and millions of dollars were handed out. 

Event $8 featured a $25,200 No-Limit Hold’Em Tournament and more than $1.3 million in prize money was handed out. Since this was the final tournament of the event, all of the biggest names were trying to rack up as many points as possible. 

Stephen Chidwick was able to win the final tournament of the event, and it was his 10th PokerGO event title throughout his career. Chidwick has now won more than $57 million throughout his live poker career, and he is one of the biggest names. 

The top prize at this event was $429,000, and there were just seven players competing for that top title on day two. Since this event was also keeping track of overall points, the top players were all trying to climb up the leaderboard. 

Chidwick didn’t have much trouble winning this event as he entered the final table with a massive chip lead. Other players were making some aggressive plays at the final table, but no one was seriously able to challenge Chidwick. 

Other Big Names

David Coleman was the final player eliminated on the first day, but the eighth place finish still earned him $52,000. When the action started on the second day, Jesse Lonis was quickly eliminated to take home $52,000 in seventh place. 

Aram Zobian had a massive run throughout the PokerGO U.S. Poker Open, and he also finished in sixth place at this event. Cary Katz and Dan Smith were also in the running, but finished outside of the top three. 

Brandon Wittmeyer took home $182,000 with a third place finish, and he finished just outside of the heads up action. Andrew Lichenberger was trying to keep some pressure on Chidwick, but that just wasn’t the case.

Lichenberger was still able to rack up $273,000 with a second place finish, but he just wasn’t able to win enough hands to take over the chip lead. 

Zobian Wins Big Title

Aram Zobian had a massive lead in overall points heading into the final event, but there was a chance that Jesse Lonis could have passed him up. That became an even bigger threat as Lonis got off to a good run, but Zobian also made it to the final table at Event #8.

Even though Zobian came up a bit short in the final event of the tournament, he still ended up winning over $613,000 total points throughout this event. He ended up winning the tournament by nearly 200 points, and that just showed how dominant of a run he went on. 

Chidwick actually end up finishing in second place overall on the strength of his win at the final event of the tournament.

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