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Parts of US East Coast sinking so fast it could threaten infrastructure, NASA says

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Parts of the East Coast of the United States are sinking so fast it could threaten infrastructure, farmland and wetlands, according to NASA.

Some areas have seen a drop of more than 2 millimeters per year from 2007 to 2020.

Satellite data shows the two biggest changes are from Savannah to Myrtle Beach and off the coasts of Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Charleston is one of the fastest-sinking cities. It is more than 2 inches lower than it was in 2007, and that’s a big deal for a city that’s just 10 feet above sea level.

Because of that, the city is considering building an 8-mile seawall.

Two inches might not seem like much, so why is this important?

Scientists say rising sea levels are just part of the problem. It’s also happening because of human activities like groundwater pumping.

As areas sink, it makes it easier for saltwater to flood coastal farmland and threaten city infrastructure.

Looking at Florida, while erosion is a concern along our coast, the land beneath us is actually shifting up by as much as 1 millimeter per year, so we don’t have to worry about becoming Atlantis anytime soon.

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