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Paris Olympics: Stephen Curry’s Team USA Selection Is Terrible, Warns Popular Bay Area Show

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A few hours ago, prominent NBA analysts Mark Willard and Dan Dibley hosted another episode of the ‘95.7 The Game’. They highlighted a recent tweet by Adrian Wojnarowski, in which the latter reported the US roster for the 2024 Paris Olympics is being “finalized”. The National Team is expected to consist of some of the highest scorers of the ongoing NBA season, including LeBron James, Anthony Edwards, Kevin Durant, Tyrese Haliburton, etc. Another name that is prominently popping up, as many fans expected it to, is that of Stephen Curry. While Dan Dibley rejoiced upon hearing that Curry would be given the chance, the same, however, was not what his co-worker felt.

Describing the whole ordeal as “terrible”, Mark Willard made it clear that he did not want his favorite players to be playing in the Olympics.

“As a fan, when I watch a player coming down the stretch of the NBA season and he needs to be rested every other day, because he is completely exhausted…Sorry, if I don’t want him playing more competitive basketball this summer,” said Willard. “Plus, he could get hurt!”


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Willard highlighted his opinion that players who don’t have it in themselves to play in all of the games during the regular NBA season should not later proceed to engage in basketball at the international level. For him, winning a NBA championship ring means more than attempting to win a gold medal which, according to the host, may not count as much in Curry’s records.

Many of the Warriors star’s counterparts had the opportunity earlier to be a part of Team USA. In fact, most of the predicted members mentioned above, including Kevin Durant, were members of the 2020 roster for the Tokyo Olympics. After an illustrious NBA career spanning 15 years and still going strong, Stephen Curry may now receive the opportunity to represent his country at the Olympics stage. And it is not something he would want to part away with in haste.


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Stephen Curry “definitely wants to be there” during the Olympics

Stephen Curry is not without any international experience. In fact, he represented USA during the 2014 FIBA World Cup, which also ended up being the last time that the country won that prestigious title. The Olympics, however, are a different beast all together. And it is something the player definitely wants to be a part of.

Back in October 2023, Stephen Curry was questioned during a presser about his commitment to participate in the upcoming Olympics. The four-time NBA champion assured the reporter that he would talk about the opportunity with “some people” and make a decision if all goes well.


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“It’s the one thing I haven’t done and I also understand the opportunity for a team to say to kind of reassert itself as the dominant in the world, that type of stuff,” said Curry. “Definitely want to be there, definitely want to be on the team, and hopefully things line up that way and we’re all good”.

Team USA Basketball has won the Olympic Gold Medal for four consecutive tournaments. Knowing the potential they possess, Curry may even proceed to team up with LeBron James for the first time and give the prestigious medal not only his country’s name but also his own.

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