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Pace-O-Matic Highlights Positive Impact of Skill Games on PA’s Small Businesses

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As PA online casinos continue to call for the immediate regulation of skill games while Philadelphia moves ahead to ban them altogether, leading skill games manufacturer Pace-O-Matic has embarked on a campaign to highlight the positive impact that skill games have had on Pennsylvania’s small businesses.

More Than a Game Campaign Puts Spotlight on PA Community

Despite the measure of anti-skill games lobbying that is slowly proliferating across the Keystone State, Pace-O-Matic are not giving up on efforts to get the machines regulated, rather than banned.

The company has already gone on record to support a possible taxation regime. And now, as part of its efforts to regularize the position of its services, it has embarked on a campaign that puts the spotlight on the beneficial effects the games have had on small business owners across Pennsylvania.

The More Than A Game campaign has seen a number of small business owners opening up about the way skill games have helped their businesses to flourish. Luke Gacci, one such small business owner from Cheshire, stated in an interview on the Pace-O-Matic website that many small businesses owe their continued existence to Pennsylvania skill machines. 

“With larger competitors taking six-pack licenses from other restaurants, it became increasingly difficult for smaller establishments to compete. The revenue generated from skill games not only kept these businesses afloat but also enabled them to make significant improvements. From fixing roofs to renovating floors, the impact of Pennsylvania Skill games reached beyond entertainment, contributing to the overall betterment of the community,” he stated.

Jared Matthews, who runs the Fox Den in Louisville, Kentucky, agreed, stating that: “Running bars and restaurants involves significant expenses, and skill games provide an extra income stream without requiring extensive management… Skill games revenue has been instrumental in addressing maintenance costs and periodic upgrades at Fox Den.”

Will such stories serve to turn the tide in places such as Phildalphia, which has taken such a hardcore stance against the machines? Only time, and the impending lawsuit against the city council, can tell.

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