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Nike’s “impractical” Team USA Olympic uniform is being slammed by female athletes, here’s why

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Nike has officially unveiled the 2024 Olympic uniforms for Team USA Track & Field, and it’s safe to say that the women’s team, who are due to be wearing the outfits this summer, feel that the design team have just slightly underdelivered.

The uniforms in question were released to the public a few days ago, first posted to Track & Field publication Citius Mag. One piece that captured the attention of the Olympians and other female athletes around the world, was a fitted one-piece design that features an extremely high-rise crotch style, not too dissimilar to a swimsuit one might don on a beach in the Bahamas to get a tan, not to run around a track on the world stage…

Many athletes have spoken out about the “impracticality” of the uniforms, former US National Champion Runner, Lauren Fleshman stated on her Instagram: “This is a costume born of patriarchal forces that are no longer welcome or needed to get eyes on women’s sports,” while others took the chance to make light of the uniform reveal, poking fun at the design because of its level of impracticality.

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Queen Harrison Claye’s comment already has thousands of likes

Olympic Hurdler Queen Harrison Claye commented “Hi @europeanwax would you like to sponsor Team USA for the upcoming Olympic Games!? Please and thanks” alluding to the fact that the high-rise cut of the unitard would call for some maintenance…down there. Olympic Long Jumper Tara Davis-Woodhall also chimed in with a comical comment “wait my hoo haa is gonna be out.” 

Paralympian Femita Ayanbeku stated facts in the comment section too© Instagram
Paralympian Femita Ayanbeku stated facts in the comment section too

A spokesperson for Nike made a point to say that the brand only “showcased some of the new Olympic uniforms at the Nike On Air experience in Paris — but, as we are a few months from the Games and working with limited samples in a limited format presentation, not all looks and styles were featured.” 

There is yet to be a statement from Nike or Team USA about changing the uniform option however I think it’s safe to say if the high-legged unitards are kept as part of the team’s uniforms, the female athletes competing this summer will not be impressed…

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