Monday, May 20, 2024

NBA Playoffs 2024: An Olympic fan’s guide to the basketball tournament

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Clearly, the rules of aging in elite professional sport do not apply to LeBron James who, at 39, is as powerful a force on the basketball court as he’s ever been. Sure, his athleticism isn’t quite what it was when he was drafted as a spry 18-year-old but make no mistake: the King still wears the crown in basketball.

The accolades of the NBA’s all-time leading scorer speak for themselves, and his passing ability, powerful dunks and chasedown blocks mean the basketball legend is still must-watch TV—especially now that we’ve entered the postseason.

The Lakers will have to navigate the perils of the Play-In Tournament to make the playoffs, where a date with the Nuggets or Thunder awaits, but no team will want to face LeBron James when he’s still playing at such a spectacular level.

In fact, James remains committed to playing for the USA at Paris 2024 in what would be his fourth Olympic Games, telling reporters at the NBA All-Star Game in February: “I told myself before the season, when I committed to being part of the Olympic team, obviously it was all predicated on my health.

“As it stands right now, I am healthy enough to be on the team and perform at a level that I know I can perform at.”

Here’s hoping we get the chance to see the future Hall of Famer compete at the Games one more time this summer.

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