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Mock draft tracker: 5 possible first-round picks for every team in the 2024 NFL draft

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With just days before 2024 NFL draft, we’ve compiled the results of five USA TODAY mock drafts since before the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers were preparing for Super Bowl 58.

USA TODAY’s NFL experts determined each team’s needs and developed multiple mock drafts for a variety of scenarios leading up to draft day. We’ve combined the results of their most recent mock drafts here for all 29 teams picking in the first round of the 2024 draft, which begins April 25 in Detroit.

These mock drafts range from before the Super Bowl to just days after the Atlanta Falcons signed quarterback Kirk Cousins to our most recent mock draft on April 15.

NFL draft order 2024: Where every team will make picks over seven rounds, 257 picks

2024 NFL mock drafts tilt toward offensive players

USA TODAY’s analyses have suggested as many as six quarterbacks could go in this year’s first round, but our analyses and, of course, guesses suggest teams will also be filling many offensive-line needs, too.

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Here’s a look at each team and the players who seem like good fits. Our first mock draft of the month on April 3 considered what might happen if the Minnesota Vikings work a deal with the Los Angeles Chargers for their fifth pick in the draft. The Falcons lured away Cousins from the Vikings in March. Might Minnesota be willing to trade up to get Drake Maye? See how that might ripple through the choices the rest of the league makes, too.


Caleb Williams on possibility of not being the No. 1 overall pick

USC QB Caleb Williams talks about the possibility of not being the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

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NFC NFC East | NFC North | NFC South | NFC West

Draft order: No. 3 New England Patriots, No. 10 New York Jets, No. 21 Miami Dolphins, No. 28 Buffalo Bills

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Draft order: No. 18 Cincinnati Bengals, No. 20 Pittsburgh Steelers, No. 30 Baltimore Ravens. The Cleveland Browns don’t have a pick in the first round.

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Draft order: No. 7 Tennessee Titans, No. 15 Indianapolis Colts, No. 17 Jacksonville Jaguars. The Houston Texans don’t have a pick in the first round.

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Draft order: No. 5 Los Angeles Chargers, No. 12 Denver Broncos, No. 13 Las Vegas Raiders, No. 32 Kansas City Chiefs

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NFC East | NFC North | NFC South | NFC West

Draft order: No. 2 Washington Commanders, No. 6 New York Giants, No. 22 Philadelphia Eagles, No. 24 Dallas Cowboys

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Draft order: No. 1 Chicago Bears (from Carolina Panthers), No. 9 Bears, No. 11 Minnesota Vikings, No. 23 Vikings (from Cleveland Browns via Houston Texans), No. 25 Green Bay Packers, No. 29 Detroit Lions

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Draft order: No. 4 Arizona Cardinals, No. 16 Seattle Seahawks, No. 19 Los Angeles Rams, No. 27 Cardinals (from Texans), No. 31 San Francisco 49ers

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The 2024 mock drafts behind the tracker

Want to take closer look at the mock drafts behind our tracker? Here are the three mock drafts developed by Nate Davis and Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz:

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Feb. 26: Can question-mark QB J.J. McCarthy crack top 15 picks? Read more

March 12: Four QBs in top five as Vikings trade up after Kirk Cousins leaves. Read more

April 3: Who will Bills land to replace Stefon Diggs at wide receiver? Read more

April 15: J.J. McCarthy or Drake Maye for Patriots at No. 3? Read more

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