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Leanne Wong Joins Simone Biles, Skye Blakely in Unique Fashion For Special Achievement Despite Not Making to the USA Team Camp

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Leanne Wong from the Florida Gators announced her current engagement with NCAA Gymnastics in line. The National Championship, which is scheduled in April, is a significant step to the ladder that would lead Leanne Wong to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games this year. While balancing her NCAA and elite career, Wong was lately absent from the National camp to collect her championship ring. However, she found her place next to her fellow gymnast, Simone Biles, thanks to technology!

Wong missed out on the national camp (April 1 to 4) because it overlapped the NCAA Regionals (April 3-4) where she is taking part. But she became a part of the championship ring-receiving team as USAG photoshopped her picture into the original picture of gymnasts including Simone Biles and Shilese Jones, among others.

The picture was posted on the Instagram of USAG with the caption, “Ring, ring!! the World Champs are calling! The 2023 Women’s Worlds Team received their Championship rings from USAG at camp yesterday!” The World Championships are slated to commence on April 17 and will last till the 20th of April.


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The post extended to declare to its audience, “Don’t worry, Leanne’s is headed to her in Gainesville as she prepares for NCAA Regionals!” Interestingly, Wong has also been photoshopped with other gymnasts by another X handle in relation to this. Star Sky Gym added it while writing, “USAG loves a good Leanne photoshop lest we forget Worlds EF.” While these are doing rounds on the internet, Wong seems to be focused on her business.


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Impeccable balance to pursue dual career

Leanne Wong has been managing a tough job of balancing her elite and NCAA careers. She is the only Olympic hopeful who is pursuing this dual career. Notably, this has been a conscious choice with a vision. This step allows Wong to stay in competition all through the year keeping her on top it all the time. And her coaches are also excited about it.

Florida head coach Jenny Rowland says in this regard, “Leanne wants to have the best of both worlds…I have so much respect for Leanne that she has the confidence in us as a coaching staff. It is really hard to put into words what it would mean to all of us if Leanne makes this Olympic team.” Leanne also has the same vision. So what she is up to for that?


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The Florida Gator team member said recently, “Just practice and practice and practice. So many hours in the gym and just every day going in the gym and just looking to improving just little bits.” We hope that those little bits will finally make up the perfect Olympic picture.

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