Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Katie Ledecky to Sport Tyr Kit for Upcoming Paris Games

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When the U.S. swim team walks out onto the deck at the Olympics in July, they’ll be decked out in uniforms created for them by Tyr.

The California-based active brand, along with USA Swimming, unveiled the national team kit for the 2024 Paris Games in San Antonio on Wednesday at the final stop of the Tyr Pro Swim Series. The kit includes outerwear, technical apparel and shoes for the first time for the athletes to wear for their walkouts onto the deck before the competition as well as during media day appearances and training camps. Tyr is also outfitting the coaches and staff.

Athletes sponsored by Tyr, including superstar Katie Ledecky, will wear Tyr Venzo suits during their events. Swimmers are permitted to wear any brand of their choosing in the pool.

Katie Ledecky will be one of the stars at the upcoming Summer Olympics.


The technical attributes of the swimsuits worn by Olympians has resulted in controversy in the past. At the 2008 Games, Speedo’s LZR suit, worn by Michael Phelps and others, led to some 200 world records and were ultimately banned from the sport. The full-body suits, made from woven elastane-nylon and polyurethane, were determined to provide an unfair advantage to the swimmers.

But for those wearing the Venzo this summer, the suit uses ultra-smooth fibers that prevent water from permeating the fabric and results in a higher body position in the water. In addition, they feature a patent-pending taping and inner textile design, known as the Endo Max Compression Cage, that provides support for the abdominals, obliques and quadriceps muscles.

Outside the water, Tyr has created a Hydrosphere Elite down parka with a down-filled layered thermo waterproof fabric to keep the athletes warm before their events. The parka features an oversize hood and microfiber-lined pockets. The athletes will also be provided with warm-up gear including a Hydrosphere Softshell Recon jacket and Elevation Tech jogger, the latter of which includes several pockets to store caps, goggles and headphones.

And to complement the apparel, the athletes will be outfitted in Tyr’s CXT-1 Trainer shoes which feature a translucent engineered stars-and-stripes printed outsole.

“Tyr is proud to unveil the new USA Swimming National Team uniform, a symbol of unity, strength and commitment to excellence. With an innovative design and unrivaled quality, this uniform embodies the spirit of champions,” said Matt DiLorenzo, chief executive officer of Tyr Sport.

“Tyr has created kits that offer exceptional technical assistance to our athletes on their path to the podium,” added Lindsay Mintenko, managing director of USA Swimming National Team. “We appreciate their dedication to innovation and are eager to wear these pieces on the global stage. With Tyr’s backing, we are certain that our team will perform to the best of its ability.” Tyr is the exclusive outfitter of the U.S. National Team and National Junior Team.

The Olympic kit will also be available for fans to purchase beginning in June at Tyr’s retail stores, online and at the Olympic Trials slated for June 15 to 23 in Indianapolis.

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