Thursday, May 23, 2024

Japan, US, Philippines leaders hold first-ever trilateral summit | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News

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Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio joined US President Joe Biden and Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr for their first-ever trilateral summit on Thursday.

Biden welcomed his counterparts to the White House and said he wants to take their Indo-Pacific strategy to “new heights.” They covered everything from energy security to infrastructure projects and maritime security.

Biden said, “When we stand as one, we can forge a better future for all.”

Kishida said, “Japan, the US and the Philippines are maritime nations connected by the Pacific Ocean and are natural partners.”

Marcos said, “Facing the complex challenges of our time requires concerted efforts on everyone’s part, a dedication to a common purpose and an unwavering commitment to the rules-based international order.”

The leaders agree the Philippines is “coming under pressure” in its exclusive economic zone from what they call China’s “aggressive tactics.”

Personnel from the US, Japan and the Philippines, as well as Australia, conducted a joint drill this week in the South China Sea. They plan to do so again in the months ahead.

The leaders also agreed that Japanese and Filipino coast guard crews will “train” and “synchronize” their work with American counterparts on a US vessel.

President Biden said the US’s commitments to Japan and the Philippines are “ironclad.” He added that they are beginning a “new era of partnership.”

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