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India fourth in world GDP rankings after USA, China, Germany

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ISLAMABAD: Power in the global arena is multifaceted, encompassing political influence, economic resources and military might. Each country’s power indicates its prowess in multiple aspects, including economic and political influence, strength in international alliances and impactful military power. The rankings of the top 10 powerful countries in the world in 2024 are compiled by US News.

The United States, a global powerhouse, continues to lead in various sectors such as technology, finance, and entertainment. The Biden administration is focusing on infrastructure development and climate change initiatives, and the US is also home to several leading tech companies, contributing to its strong position in the global economy.

China ranks second among the top 10 powerful countries in the world in 2024. China’s Belt and Road Initiative is growing in scope, with more and more countries joining in on the project. This initiative aims to boost economic development and trade by connecting Asia with Africa and Europe via land and maritime networks. China is also making significant technological strides, particularly in artificial intelligence and 5G, positioning itself as a global tech leader.

Russia plays a significant role in global geopolitics, leveraging its vast natural resources and military capabilities. The country also focuses on its space program, with plans to launch several missions in the coming years, namely the Venera-D Venus lander. These missions aim to explore the moon and other celestial bodies, contributing to our understanding of the universe.

Germany is leading the way in the European Union’s green energy initiatives. The country focuses on transitioning to renewable energy sources and reducing carbon emissions. Germany also focuses on digital transformation in various sectors, including manufacturing and healthcare, aiming to improve efficiency and productivity.

The UK focuses on post-Brexit trade deals and negotiations, aiming to establish new economic partnerships. The country is also making strides in the tech industry, with London being a central hub for startups. These startups work on innovative solutions in various fields, contributing to the UK’s economic growth.

South Korea continues to be a global leader in technology and innovation. The country is home to several leading tech companies, contributing to its strong position in the global economy. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, South Korea is also adopting renewable energy sources to promote green energy initiatives.

France is focusing on its digital transformation and green energy initiatives. The country is working on modernising its industries and transitioning to renewable energy sources. France also plays a significant role in the European Union’s policies and regulations, contributing to the bloc’s economic and political stability.

In the latest Henley Passport Index, Japan tied for the first spot, with visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 194 countries, making its passport one of the most powerful in the world. Known for its cars and electronics manufacturing, it is the 4th largest economy globally, with a GDP of $4.23 trillion. The country is currently heavily focusing on the growth of chip manufacturing, AI, and EVs to dominate the next wave of technology.

Petroleum production remains Saudi Arabia’s most significant source of wealth and power, as the country exports over $300 billion worth of oil annually. It has 17 percent of the world’s proven crude oil reserves, about 267,192 million barrels. Being the closest ally of the United States among the Arab countries, Saudi Arabia exerts significant influence over the OPEC countries in the region. Saudi Arabia is significantly investing in tourism and mammoth projects such as NEOM city to attract tourists and investors. It is also set to host the FIFA World Cup 2034.

The UAE is focusing on its space program, with plans to send a mission to the moon. This mission aims to explore the lunar surface and contribute to our understanding of the moon. The UAE is also a significant player in the global oil industry, contributing to its strong position in the global economy.

As of March, 2024, India ranks 12th in the list of most powerful countries. This ranking is based on various factors, including economic conditions, strong international alliances, and military strength. India ranks at 4 in world GDP rankings after USA, China, and Germany.

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