Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Fans float idea of restarting Pak-India bilateral series in USA

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Pakistan’s skipper Babar Azam (left) pictured alongside Indian captain Rohit Sharma during a World Cup match. — ICC/File

LONG ISLAND (NY): Indian cricket fans, who turned up in huge number almost occupying 75 percent of the seats at the Nassau County Stadium, called for organising Pakistan-India bilateral cricket series in the USA.

In an exclusive talk with ‘The News’, Indians as well as Pakistanis looked eager to see the restart of a bilateral cricket series between the two countries, suggesting that there could not be a better setting than the venues that currently are hosting World Cup matches in the USA.

“There is a need to restart cricketing ties between the two countries. The US provides a perfect setting to restart bilateral series between the two countries,” Abbay Khair, an India-origin US citizen, said. He was confident that such a series would be an instant success.

“Such a series would be a big success. Both financially and from the spectators’ point of view. Apart from that the game will also flourish in the US, making it a new market with full of prospects.”

Anil Choobe also favored the idea of restarting bilateral cricketing relations with the US.

“India has already gone through the election process, now it is time to restart cricketing ties. Both the countries have had enough tension but cricket will bring both the countries closer. The US cricket can provide them a launching pad. The world needs both countries to play sports. Regular sports exchanges would help them get closer and minimize the tension.”

Asif Abid also favored the suggestion calling on both the countries to make efforts to come closer on sports fields.

“There is a need for fresh beginning and there is no better medium than sports to kick start such a venture.

“The US environment and conditions suit cricket. The World Cup has given a fresh hope for establishing a cricketing base in the US. Hopefully, in days to come US will become one of the busiest cricketing places. Both the countries must take advantage and start playing bilateral series here.”

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