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Each Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope For May 27 – June 2

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The weekly horoscopes for May 27 to June 2 start with the energy of a Saturn-ruled moons helping us get on track and establish how to face any obstacles stopping us. On the 27th, the day begins with the moon in the sign of Capricorn and then it will enter Aquarius. 

Things get a little more lighthearted with the moon entering the sign of Pisces on the 29th. When the moon conjuncts Saturn on the 31st, it will help the collective implement advantageous plans to help us all push forward. The moon enters Aries on the 31st, bringing back spontaneity and optimism during the weekend. 

The week will be one where we all focus on hard work, building, and patiently getting ahead. But Mars adds fun and playfulness once the moon enters Aries later in the week. 

See how the transits impact your rising, sun, and moon sign.

Each zodiac sign’s weekly horoscope for May 27 – June 2


Settling into Gemini season, things get calmer for you this week. The moon in Capricorn aims to get you focused on your job more fervently, while the moon in Aquarius helps you heal friendships. Resting may become a priority when the moon enters Pisces, but you will feel awakened when the moon is in your sign on the 31st. It is a period of hard work, but when everything is accomplished, you will enjoy having fun.

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You will be more enamored with career opportunities when the moon enters Aquarius, bringing a lot of focus and care to your plans and ambitions. Pisces energy allows you to explore your imagination and you will conjure a recipe to get things moving. It is also an excellent period to socialize and reacquaint with people. The moon in Aries closes the week, allowing you to take periods of rest.


The moon in Capricorn adds themes similar to the energy you have faced most of this year. But things get more lovely when the moon in Aquarius brings you the power to learn and gather information. Jupiter is now in your sign, giving you more confidence with everything. And with the moon making a trine to Jupiter, you will feel innovative early in the week. The moon in Aries adds some playful energy, helping you to see the wonderful people in your life.


Love and romance could be the focus this week with the moon in Capricorn, bringing relaxing energy after the potent full moon in Sagittarius. It’s time now to square things away on the relationship front and focus on reconciliation. When the moon moves to Pisces, expect to feel optimistic about prospective romantic chapters in the making. Finally, the moon in Aries helps you get closer to preparing your winning strategy at work or school.


The moon in Aquarius at the beginning of the week brings you much joy and excitement as you connect with others and strengthen your bonds with friends. Once the moon in Pisces shows where you need to show yourself love and care, you can experience healing. Let go of the past and be open to new and more positive experiences moving forward.

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As a mutable sign, you may have experienced ups and downs with these recent transits. Nevertheless, you will feel more in control when the moon enters your fellow earth sign, Capricorn, adding passion and charisma into your life. When the moon enters Aquarius, you will feel ready to bring up essential conversations with partners that will continue to expound when the moon enters Pisces. The moon in Aries will help you set the stage for new things you can focus on now that Jupiter is in Gemini, helping you climb the summit.


The second week of Gemini season is exciting as Jupiter in Gemini expands your mind and opportunities. The moon in Capricorn brings you the relief and cooling down you have desired after this full moon. The moon in Aquarius sparks up your enthusiasm to learn and get back into research. You are getting your groove back with learning and will meet inspirational people.


A lovely week ahead as things become more entertaining when the Capricorn moon enters the picture. Get ready to feel your social life energized. The moon in Aquarius asks you to balance work and home. Meanwhile, the Pisces moon brings a flurry of emotions that bring a lot of passion and romance to the picture.


When prioritizing yourself, this week sets the tone for the shift you have awaited. The moon in Capricorn adds similar topics to the full moon in your sign. Give yourself grace, self-love and care. When the moon enters Pisces, you will see how you can nurture yourself and take the time needed to recalibrate after these potent transits.

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You initiate the week experiencing the moon in your sign, inspiring you to reunite with a project. You will also see how people gravitate towards you once the moon enters Aquarius, making new connections thrilling. Brainstorming solutions now helps you get ahead of the game. The energy picks up again with the moon in Pisces, helping you get up to speed with your tasks, and the moon in Aries, reminding you to slow down and rest at home.


With the moon in Capricorn, you can bring the focus back on you during this rest period. It is a time to energize yourself with the moon in your sign, providing you with the tools needed to acquire success. The moon in Pisces makes you serene and reminds you of your accomplishments. When the moon enters Aries, you will feel more stimulated, and your thoughts will help you envision fantastic ideas.


Things get a lot more riveting this Gemini season once the moon enters Capricorn, enhancing your social life and making you stay on top of your game. You have the winning mindset thanks to Saturn’s influence. Focusing on your work comes more accessible with the moon in Aquarius, reminding you how much you can accomplish on your own. Once the moon enters your sign, you could feel quite popular and the theme continues when the moon enters Aries.

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