Monday, May 27, 2024

2024 NFL schedule: From Chiefs to 49ers, a sortable list of every football game and team

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The NFL released its 2024 schedule on Wednesday night which includes two Wednesday afternoon (ET) games on Christmas Day and a Friday evening game in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in Week 1.

The Brazil game is the first of five International Series games for the 2024 season. Three will be played in London, and Munich, Germany will host other between the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers in Week 10.

The Christmas Day games between the Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans will be broadcast on Netflix. The streaming service appears to hope Santa will deliver bundles of new subscribers from the games. Netflix announced a new three-year agreement with the NFL earlier in the day.

While also driving NFL fans to a new service, the Netflix deal is the second consecutive year where the NFL will compete head-to-head with the NBA on Christmas Day. For several years, Dec. 25 has been the unofficial start of the NBA season for casual fans where the NBA schedules a handful of games throughout the day.

Here’s a sortable list of all the 2024-25 NFL games. The times and dates for majority of the games in weeks 17 and 18 are still to be determined.

Searchable and sortable list of 2024 NFL games

Which teams appear to have the toughest or easiest schedules?

Many factors come into play when considering a team’s difficulty of schedule. However, the most obvious factor is the opponent’s win percentage. If a team was at the bottom of the barrel last year, why would it be much better this season?

Any team that gets the luxury of facing 10, 11 or even 12 non-playoff teams from a season ago will obviously have an enormous advantage over an opponent who may only get to face seven or eight. Here are the ten teams with the easiest schedules of the season, based on strength of schedule.

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