Friday, June 14, 2024
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France is aiming to become a global AI superpower — but not without help from U.S. Big Tech

French President Emmanuel Macron speaks during a meeting with members of the AI sector at the Elysee Presidential Palace in Paris, France, on May...

Human-sounding AI can plan, help book your travel. But can you trust it?

How to start planning a trip with AIPlan your next vacation with the help of AI.Problem Solved, USA TODAYIt wasn’t so long ago that...

Why is everyone telling you to look between letters on your keyboard? Latest meme explained

'Look between H and L on your keyboard,' users are prompted, for instance. Others are told to look between 'Y' and 'I' to find...

China and the US are wrestling over a web of cables we never see, but rely on every day

We're all familiar with what our planet looks like. We know the countries, the oceans.But beneath those oceans is something rarely seen. A technological...

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