Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Starbucks: international vs U.S. stores 2023 | Statista

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World-famous coffeehouse chain, Starbucks, accounted for 38,038 stores worldwide in 2023. Overall, there were more international stores than those located in the company’s home nation of the United States. These figures amounted to 21,692 and 16,346, respectively. 

Starbucks global expansion

Out of Starbucks’ U.S.-based stores, over 9,645 are company-operated, while the remainder are licensed. The Seattle-based company’s worldwide expansion has made it one of the most successful and well-known coffeehouse chains in history. Its store count isn’t the only thing that has grown over the years, so has its revenue. Starbucks recorded its highest revenue in 2023 at over 29 billion U.S. dollars. Despite the company’s revenue falling to 19.16 billion in 2020, as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Starbucks’ revenue surpassed pre-pandemic levels in 2022.

What Starbucks products do consumers like best?

The company’s central product being coffee, it comes as no surprise that the sale of beverages has been the number one source of revenue for Starbucks over the last decade. However, the coffeehouse chain also offers a broader range of beverages, including teas, hot chocolates, smoothies and iced drinks. Food sales also contribute to the company’s overall revenue.

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