Monday, June 17, 2024

Serena Williams: After Giving Birth and Floating New Brand, the American All Set to ‘Hit Balls’ In Cryptic Tweet

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Serena Williams is back with another surprise! It has been a long while since the tennis star hung her racket for good. While she’s mostly seen involved with her family and the multiple collaborations and investments, it seems like she’s ready to take a break from the schedule and switch back to the same old legendary road.

The fans who actively follow Serena Williams on different social media platforms are aware of the depth she visits in sharing her inner thoughts. While the former pro also loves dropping hints about her endeavors, she recently presented a new one, this time, gathering the interest of tennis fans. In a recent post on X, the legend revealed the fact that she’s, “ready to hit some balls again”.

While fans couldn’t find anything else but the surprising statement, the reasoning behind it remains a mystery. It could be something related to an upcoming commercial, or maybe a wish to revisit the tennis courts as a player. Other than that, there could be plenty of other possibilities like hitting the courts with her sister Venus Williams, like she used to do in the golden days, or maybe something else?

This is a developing story…

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