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RPG Maker Unite Software Debuts on April 6

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Software launches on Unity Asset Store first, then on Steam later in 2023

Developer Gotcha Gotcha Games announced on Wednesday that its RPG Maker Unite software will debut on April 6. The software will launch first on the Unity Asset Store. The Steam version will launch later this year with a more optimized installation process.

The software was originally slated for 2022, but was delayed to spring 2023 to optimize the software to ensure proper back-end coordination with the Unity Editor.

RPG Maker Unite will have both an English version and a Japanese version.

Gotcha Gotcha Games describes the software:

Using the highly popular Unity Engine, RPG Maker Unite is here to provide a brand new experience for users old and new! Creating the RPG of your dreams has never been better!

Kadokawa released the previous entry RPG Maker MZ (RPG Tsukūru MZ) on PC via Steam in August 2020.

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