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#RodeoDrive Beats #BondStreet To Title As World’s Most Instagrammable Shopping Street

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Rodeo Drive has been revealed as the world’s most Instagrammable shopping street, with Chicago’s Magnificent Mile coming in fourth place.

The list, compiled by discount code site Bountii, looked at the number times a hashtag relating to a shopping thoroughfare was used on Instagram last year.

Rodeo Drive, the epicenter of luxury watch retail for the entire West Coast of America, came top with 850,620 tags.

Orchard Road in Singapore came a distant second with 315,896 and London’s legendary Bond Street came third with 286,488.

1 850,620 Rodeo Drive Beverley Hills (CA) USA
2 315,896 Orchard Road Singapore 
3 286,488 Bond Street London  England
4 132,771 Magnificent Mile Chicago USA
5 95,930 Via del Corso Rome Italy
6 88,553 Bahnhofstrasse Zurich Switzerland
7 83,252 Avenue Montaigne Paris France
8 82,625 Friedrichstrasse Berlin Germany
9 67,382 Via Monte Napoloeone Milan  Italy
10 61,784 Via Condotti Rome Italy

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

With an impressive 850,620 hashtags (over 500,000 more than the next on the list!), Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles easily secures first place on our table. Its luxurious boutiques, like Gucci and Versace, and its overall glamorous ambiance make it a haven for shoppers seeking high-end fashion and style. Gearys will be adding to the glamor this year with the opening of side-by-side Rolex and Patek Philippe boutiques.

Orchard Road, Singapore

On this renowned road in the bustling metropolis of Singapore, you’ll discover ION Orchard – a shopping mall that’s home to everything from Prada handbags to the latest Zara streetwear. Lovers of department stores should check out Tangs, which sells cosmetics, fashion items, and homeware. 

Bond Street, London

Bond Street in Central London has been selling top-quality fashion items since the 18th century. Set in the middle of Mayfair, London’s center for glamor and luxury, you can visit Longchamp to browse their selection of leather bags and shoes, or check out some high-end fashion at the Chloé store.

Every top end watch brand is there, and will be joined next year by the biggest Rolex showroom in Europe when it is opened by Watches of Switzerland Group.

Magnificent Mile, Chicago

The Magnificent Mile is an upmarket part of Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. Here, you can access a wealth of fantastic restaurants, chic coffee shops, and luxury hotels. Shops like Hugo Boss, Nike, and Louis Vuitton line the streets while cruises sail serenely down the nearby Chicago River.

Bulgari, Burdeen’s, Cartier, Razny and Marshall Pierce & Company are all on the mile.

Via del Corso, Rome

This historical main street is approximately 1.5 kilometres long, blending the classic beauty of Italian architecture with their keen sense for everything stylish and luxurious.

Less luxurious than other in the list, the street hosts the Levi Strauss Italia store, plus H&M, Zara, and Mango. There are specialist stores selling shoes, jewelry, accessories, and books, and you can also buy sportswear, music, and souvenirs.

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