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Only one NBA superstar signed autographs in stifling Vegas heat for Team USA

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NBA basketball players of all stars and stripes are accustomed to signing autographs and posing for pictures virtually everywhere they go.

Fans have become increasingly tireless and persistent in their pursuit of a prized piece of memorabilia with a favorite player’s John Hancock right there for all to see.

Plus, they delight in sharing how they got it, where they were, how long ago it was and every last detail for whoever wants to hear them or not.

Of course superstar signatures are the most prized, particularly in light of the resurgent collectibles market.

Now, athletes rarely are obligated to stop and interact with their fans or sign anything — unless contractually obligated — but doing so always improves a player’s reputation.

Case in point: Steph Curry.

He’s always been one of the friendliest all-world athletes on the planet and Tuesday in sweltering Sin City was no different — despite the 114 temperature outside Team USA’s practice facility.

As one X (formerly Twitter) user points out, Curry was the only member of the men’s team’s roster to stop for a brief moment to sign for undoubtedly sweaty fans.

This is why the poster of this video is not the only basketball observer to, uh, dub the Baby-Faced Assassin — and NBA’s all-time leading 3-point scorer — as the people’s champion. (The Warrior legend still keeps the fans happy even if he’s upset with losing his Splash Brother Klay Thompson.)

Stay gold, Golden Boy, stay gold.

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