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Love Horoscopes For July 8 — Relationships Improve For Each Zodiac Sign

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Love horoscopes are here for each zodiac sign on Monday, July 8. While living in the moment and enjoying the love you’ve created is an important part of a relationship — so is planning for the future you want to create. Love doesn’t just happen, nor does commitment, or even forever. Instead, you must allow yourself to be clear with your intentions and take steps to plan for the future you want to live in — even if it ends up looking a bit different. 

Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Taurus will bring the idea of planning your relationship so you can start talking about the future of your life and romantic connection. Lean into the future and let yourself see that anything you dream of can become a reality as long as you take the steps to plan it.

Here is each zodiac sign’s love horoscope for July 8, 2024.


Be bold Aries, as much as you’ve felt like you’ve been living two different lives in many ways, it’s time to step back into your authentic self. You don’t have to wait for matters to be perfect in order to start enjoying this new chapter. Try to embrace your bold side today and make the choice to say how you really feel about this new person in your life because it’s a conversation they’ve just been waiting to have.

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Let yourself make the most of your relationship, Taurus. You have the power right now to direct this connection to where you want it to go, so if you are feeling unfilled, then it’s time to do something about it. Be direct with your partner about what you need, even in creating space to be able to plan that trip you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t just sit around and put off what you want for another day but see that you are being given the chance to improve not just your relationship – but life as well.

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You have to say what you mean, and mean what you say, Gemini. No more beating around the bush or making sure that you keep all your options open. You have to be more direct, and not worry so much about whether you’ll have regrets later. By taking this chance and talking about the break you need in your connection, or even the deeper commitment of moving in together, you will know that you are finally being honest with yourself.

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You have to find your inner sense of value, Cancer. Whether this comes down to listening to your intuition more clearly, or even being more direct about what it is you know you are worth. You have to draw the line in the sand somewhere. Instead of just trying to be the perfect partner, try instead to be the best version of yourself, because that’s the space that will allow everything you’ve ever wanted to flow to you.

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You have grown into a new version of yourself, Leo. While you do need to ensure that you introduce this updated self to your partner, you also need to make sure that you have gotten comfortable with how your needs and dreams have changed. Try to spend some time reflecting on how you view love and relationships so that you can also gain a better understanding of what you need. And make sure to validate yourself because the only way to keep this relationship going is to ensure you’re both on the same page.

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Take time to listen to your inner self, Virgo. None of what you have been thinking or feeling is all in your head, and you’re not wrong for what it feels like you need from a relationship. But the other side is just because you now understand your needs more, doesn’t mean your partner may be able to meet them. Try to live your life from this new space and recognize that you can’t make your partner become the romantic partner they don’t want to be.

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You may want to open up your routine today, dear Libra, and let yourself embrace the power of those you’ve chosen to surround you. Feeling supported is a necessity in creating the life of your dreams, and often it does come from the most unexpected of places. But to seize that, you need to realize that it doesn’t necessarily mean it will come from your partner. This doesn’t have to mean an end to your relationship, but in treating your relationship as if it’s your whole life.

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Your fate is beckoning to you, Scorpio, but you have to be willing to embrace the process of changes in your life. You can’t try to hold onto the past and still move toward the future. Instead, there needs to be a surrendering process that occurs in which you allow yourself to be directed by the universe, because this isn’t only about new romantic opportunities, but also career and the wonderful way that life becomes even more abundant.

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While you may still be trying to figure out practical matters of change, Sagittarius, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t entitled to a break. Instead of feeling like you need to have everything figured out before you take a day off or get back to enjoying life, see that this moment can be everything you’ve wanted, if you allow it to be. Whether it’s an international trip, or simply a day trip out to your favorite spot, take a break from real life and let yourself and your partner have an adventure together.

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Love isn’t only romance and dates, but it’s also about the way you help each other become your best selves, Capricorn. This doesn’t mean, however, the perception of what one another’s best self is, but rather what each of you feel drawn to explore or even work on. Try to open up conversations about how to better support one another in this process, and you will find an even more conscious love along the way.

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As much as you’ve been feeling off in your relationship recently, Aquarius, it doesn’t mean your partner has felt that way. In fact, they couldn’t be more certain about you or the future that they want to create. But it doesn’t mean you are completely on board. There will be a proposal for a commitment, life or even future together today that you will have to think carefully about. And while you might be tempted to say no, if you talk about your feelings, you may just find the only answer that feels right is yes.

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Love will always expand your life, Pisces. You just have to be willing to go with the flow of it. Today will bring conversations around living together, sharing of space, or even how to set up your life together in the future. This will be all about more love, and even connection, but it may look different than you’ve previously fantasized about. This doesn’t mean it won’t be incredible, but simply holding space and giving yourself time to get used to this new change will help you fully embrace this new chapter in your relationship.

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