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ICC T20 World Cup 2024: Super Eight qualification scenarios for all the teams | Cricket News – Times of India

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The ongoing ICC T20 World Cup in the West Indies and USA has already provided high-quality action, memorable upsets, and standout performances.
As the tournament progresses, here’s a look at what each team needs to do to advance to the Super Eight stage.
T20 World Cup Schedule | Points Table
Group A
Teams: India, United States, Canada, Pakistan, Ireland

  • 1. India (4 points | 1.455 NRR): With two wins and a strong net run rate, India is in a favorable position. A victory against either the USA or Canada will likely secure their progression.
  • 2. United States (4 points | 0.626 NRR): The USA has had a perfect start. Winning either of their remaining matches against India or Ireland should be enough to advance.
  • 3. Canada (2 points | -0.274 NRR): Canada needs to win their upcoming matches against Pakistan and India to stay in contention. Beating Pakistan is crucial.
  • 4. Pakistan (0 points | -0.150 NRR): Pakistan must win both of their remaining games against Canada and Ireland and improve their net run rate. They also need either India or the USA to lose their matches.
  • 5. Ireland (0 points | -1.712 NRR): Ireland needs to win against the USA and Pakistan and hope other results favor them, which is a tough ask given their current position.

Group B
Teams: Scotland, Australia, Namibia, England, Oman

  • 1. Scotland (5 points | 2.164 NRR): A win against Australia will confirm their progression. They might already have enough points to advance, depending on other results.
  • 2. Australia (4 points | 1.875 NRR): Another win, particularly against Scotland, will likely secure their spot in the next round.
  • 3. Namibia (2 points | -0.309 NRR): Namibia needs to win their remaining matches against Australia and England, which will be challenging.
  • 4. England (1 point | -1.800 NRR): England must win their remaining games against Oman and Namibia and hope for favorable outcomes in other matches, particularly the Australia-Scotland game.
  • 5. Oman (0 points | -1.613 NRR): Eliminated – Oman cannot progress but have shown competitive spirit.

Group C
Teams: Afghanistan, West Indies, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand

  • 1. Afghanistan (4 points | 5.225 NRR): One more win against either Papua New Guinea or West Indies will secure their spot.
  • 2. West Indies (4 points | 3.574 NRR): A win against either New Zealand or Afghanistan is needed for progression.
  • 3. Uganda (2 points | -4.217 NRR): Uganda needs a big win against New Zealand and other results to go in their favor.
  • 4. Papua New Guinea (0 points | -0.434 NRR): PNG is unlikely to advance but will aim to gain experience and potentially cause an upset.
  • 5. New Zealand (0 points | -4.200 NRR): New Zealand needs to win all their remaining matches against West Indies, Uganda, and Papua New Guinea.

Group D
Teams: South Africa, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Nepal, Sri Lanka

  • 1. South Africa (6 points | 0.603 NRR): Already in a strong position, South Africa is close to securing their spot in the Super Eight.
  • 2. Bangladesh (2 points | 0.075 NRR): Beating the Netherlands is crucial. Winning against Nepal could also secure their progression.
  • 3. Netherlands (2 points | 0.024 NRR): The Dutch need wins against Bangladesh and Nepal to advance.
  • 4. Nepal (0 points | -0.539 NRR): Nepal must win all their remaining matches to have a chance, which is challenging given their current form.
  • 5. Sri Lanka (0 points | -0.777 NRR): Sri Lanka needs big wins against Nepal and the Netherlands and must rely on other results to favor them.

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