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How Venus In Cancer Affects Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Horoscope On July 7, 2024

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Change is never something to be feared, but instead embraced. By embracing, surrendering to, or even initiating change within your romantic relationship, you are also growing, which is the key to a forever love. Without growth, romance becomes stagnant, and eventually, you find that you and your partner have grown apart. 

Transformation speaks to large-scale change resulting from the smaller shifts and choices you make, which will be the center focus on Sunday, July 7, as Venus in Cancer aligns with Uranus in Taurus. This energy can help you more fully put the past behind you and embrace the beautiful future you have been working to manifest.

Each zodiac sign’s love horoscope for July 7, 2024:


You may hear or encounter an ex today, dear Aries, which ends up causing some frustration. As much as you are already feeling the newness start growing in your life, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some loose ends to tie up. Instead of just getting angry, and shutting down, try to use this energy to create better boundaries so that this matter doesn’t have to arise again – or pose a threat to the new love you are working on creating.

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It’s normal in relationships to suddenly wonder if you have changed so much you’ve grown out of a relationship. But, Taurus, the only way that you will get the answers you need is by letting yourself have the conversation you’ve been avoiding. There is an important matter to discuss that will remove that feeling of the elephant being in the room, but you need to make sure that you won’t sacrifice your growth for anyone – even someone you love.

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If your heart isn’t in a particular relationship anymore, Gemini, then you need to be able to express that. While it has seemed recently that either there was a new energy in your life, or you were simply having second thoughts about this connection – you haven’t been exactly forthright with your partner. But this is a conversation you need to have as you realize that you can’t keep avoiding this issue forever.

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It’s important that you are incredibly clear on what it is that you want, Cancer, especially as you might need to take action soon. While you’ve been still getting your legs under you after some very unexpected events, you have been sending mixed signals to the universe which has created difficulties in manifesting what you want. Be very clear, regardless of which way your heart is leading you, because it will ultimately help you achieve the love you’ve always wanted.

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Spend time with yourself today, dear Leo, and honor those inner dreams for what you thought your forever love would actually feel like. As much as you don’t have an issue taking action on what you want, sometimes once you end up creating it, it doesn’t necessarily feel like you thought it would. How you feel in a relationship is actually more important than any other matter, so reflecting on this has the power to change your romantic life forever.

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If you want matters in your relationship to change, Virgo, then you need to be the one to do it. If you want more balance or reciprocity, then you also must be willing to take a step back so that your partner can step further in. While this can be scary because you have no control over the outcome, it’s also the best way to make you feel better. The more you just keep filling in the spaces, and over-doing, the more depleted you will end up feeling, so make the choice to create a little space for your partner to start stepping up.

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There has been a certain dream that you’ve been working on creating, dear Libra. At one point you felt confident that this new path was one that you and your partner both resonated with, but as time passes, all you seem to get are excuses from your partner. The thing is that you can’t wait on them to make your dreams come true, so it’s up to you to start listening to your intuition and putting the work into creating this next chapter – with or without them.

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You may meet someone while traveling, Scorpio, which could end up having a profound affect on your life. Don’t be too quick to misjudge this connection or even think that it’s just a vacation romance. Just because you meet one another while away doesn’t mean this isn’t a connection that can’t transform into real life, you just need to give it a chance to. But it’s also okay to simply enjoy it, without thinking too far ahead, even if that feels challenging at times.

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Boundaries are a part of love, Sagittarius, even if it takes time to learn that fact. As much as you see life as so expansive and full of possibilities, it doesn’t mean that your partner does. You might have been feeling cut off recently because of some boundaries your partner has put down, not because they want to end the relationship – but because they need to change it. Try to honor their boundaries without feeling put off or taking it personally, and of course, it may also serve you to reflect on your own.

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With life moving so fast lately, it may have felt hard to feel like you can catch your breath, Capricorn. But it’s time to silence your phones for the day, or even leave them at home, and truly embrace a beautiful day with your partner. Plan an outside meal, go, and watch the stars, or simply just sit outside together doing nothing but enjoying the company of one another.

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You’ve been trying to figure out how to improve your romantic relationship, but Aquarius, it’s a process that you’ve been doing on your own. Now is the time to try to approach matters with your partner and see if you can get them on board. You can’t do the work of both people, no matter how much you might wish to. Be explicit in what you need, but aware enough to know you can’t keep trying to improve matters all by yourself.

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Conversations are key today, dear Pisces, and it’s all about finally knowing exactly what the intentions are of that special person in your life. You tend to need more time to process, but in this case, you need to try to be present for the conversations, because you will need to also share your feelings. This doesn’t mean you need to have some sort of master plan put together, but you do need to be certain about what it is you really want.

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