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How The Sun & Saturn Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Horoscope On July 10, 2024

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There are karmic lessons in any romantic relationship, but how they appear differs depending on the type of connection that you attract. In those soulmate relationships, the karmic lesson will often be speaking your truth and figuring out what aligns best with your soul. While in the truly karmic relationship, you will be faced with healing your childhood wounds, trauma and even conditioning that have kept you in rollercoaster cycles of love. 

Even in the twin flame, or forever love, some lessons often are about receiving, trusting and embodying all you’ve learned. While karmic lessons may not feel enjoyable, no matter which relationship you are in – they do serve a higher purpose. 

On Wednesday, July 10, the Sun in Cancer will align with retrograde Saturn in Pisces to help you see more clearly what the purpose is of your connection so that you can learn your karmic lesson and be able to attract and continue building a healthier love.

Here’s how the Sun and Saturn affect each zodiac sign’s love horoscope on July 10, 2024:


Just because it didn’t work out before doesn’t mean it’s not meant to now, Aries. But to actually feel confident that you’re going about matters of the heart differently, you also need to take time to reflect on your self-growth. 

If you are approaching love in only the same ways, well, then, likely it will turn out with the same results. But if you look within, ready to take accountability, then you can also see how growth within yourself can change everything about the love you accept.

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You can’t keep someone in your life just because you may not want to be alone, Taurus. While this is a common theme, it also doesn’t consider the loneliness that derives from being in an unhealthy or unreciprocal connection. Try to realize that there is a difference between aloneness and loneliness so that you have the strength to make any decision supporting your growth, regardless of what that might mean.

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At a certain point, the universe will always tap you on the shoulder and let you know its time to grow, Gemini. At that point though, you still do have a choice. As much as the universe will conspire to bring you to a certain moment, you always do have free will, because what you choose is also what you will attract more of. If you are craving a different relationship, one that is closer, more consistent, or even committed – then it would serve you to first reflect on yourself to see what kind of energy you’ve been sending out.

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One of the most important lessons you will be guided to learn, Cancer, is prioritizing your own self and dreams. Love is everything to you, just as your family and home are. 

While this is an admirable quality, it can turn detrimental if you’re letting your relationship or partner determine what choices you make for yourself. Building autonomy and learning how to keep your identity in a relationship may feel contradictory at first, but in the end, it only strengthens the bond with your partner.

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Spend time reflecting on what you’ve learned about love and even yourself, dear Leo. Whether it’s about your patterns, choices, or even how you’ve thought about love because something important has shifted within your psyche. 

The only issue is that you still haven’t taken the growth you’ve done internally and started implementing it into your life and relationship. Don’t ever be afraid of growth, even if it feels like it knocks you back to square one, because being able to begin again is actually one of the greatest gifts from the universe.

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There is always a difference between the idea of love versus the reality of it, Virgo. You are not alone in wondering how to merge this difference, but it is one that you are being asked to consider closely at the moment. 

Just because you had a specific vision for your life and relationship that isn’t quite panning out doesn’t mean it’s still not all you need. While you should never compromise your values or needs, it may serve you to open up your heart and make space for the reality of love that is currently in your life.

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You have done so much work recently, dear Libra, but you need to ensure you are honoring it while continuing to build this relationship with your partner. Remember when you promised yourself that you were leaving behind those people’s pleasing qualities? Well, it seems you’ve still been skating around certain issues, not wanting to upset your partner or even the life you hope to create. But you may also feel called out today as you realize that you can’t protect your partner from the truth, no matter how hard you may have tried.

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In your case, Scorpio, you need to dream bigger than you have been regarding love. It seems for most of your life, you were only accepting pieces of what you really wanted a relationship to be. However, recently, you’ve started seeing how you’ve sold yourself short in the process. It’s time to dream bigger and raise the stakes on love. You might not have what you thought you always wanted, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be even better.

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There are some positive movements on the home front today, dear Sagittarius, that may help to bring about confirmation in your relationship. If you’ve been doing your work, you should be feeling more grounded and confident in your relationship, which will allow you to show up for this next step of your relationship. Whether moving in together, purchasing a home, or even a remodel, you are ready for what comes next. Just don’t let any distractions, which include certain people, deter your path.

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You don’t have to rush to reach any finish line, Capricorn. Instead, the healthiest love is about the one you and your partner can hold space for. Take time today to create opportunities to talk, whether it’s about anything in particular or not. Simply showing your partner that they matter and that there isn’t anywhere you need to rush off can help create a deeper connection. The idea is to slow down and simply be present.

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It’s okay to feel like you have to protect your relationship, Aquarius, but the reality is you shouldn’t feel like you have to do that alone. You should be careful with whom you discuss romantic challenges or events, as not everyone may truly be in your corner or in the place to offer helpful advice. 

While this might be challenging to accept, learning to protect your relationship and bring any issues directly to your partner instead of others can help you actually grow in the ways you genuinely desire.

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While it might not be easy to look in a mirror and see how you’ve been blocking the love you’ve always wanted, it may be especially beneficial, Pisces. Of course, it feels like you’re carrying around the burden of past decisions, or even heartbreak, but you can’t let yourself get so scared of being hurt again that you sabotage this relationship. 

Let yourself find forgiveness, not just for others, but for yourself as well, so that you can truly embrace this new romantic connection for all that it is. And hint: this love may actually be the one that does last forever.

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