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Overview: Innovation and inspiration strike on Monday when Mercury in Leo forms a sextile with Jupiter in Gemini. Don’t be afraid to be seen and heard! Pause for a cause on Wednesday when the Sun forms a trine with Saturn, motivating you to take on a more responsible approach. Venus enters Leo on Thursday, encouraging you to share what’s on your heart with people who need to know what you’re feeling.

Read your Sun/Rising sign horoscope:


Lightning will strike, Aries! Monday’s Mercury-Jupiter sextile gives you inspiration and momentum for swift action. Wednesday’s Sun-Saturn trine helps you leverage your mood with mental clarity. It’s all about balancing the head and heart. Venus enters your Leo-ruled confidence zone on Thursday, attracting partners who boost your self-esteem in hot and powerful ways.


Ground down, Taurus. A sextile between Mercury and Jupiter on Monday helps you stay non-reactive and calm. Then, a Sun-Saturn trine on Wednesday wants you to be a soft place for your friends who could use some of your contagious calm. Finally, Venus enters your Leo-ruled emotional safety zone on Thursday, bringing relationships into your life that feel like home and give you a sense of inner peace.


Speak up, Gemini! You’re asked to show off your famous communication skills during Monday’s Mercury-Jupiter sextile by asking hard questions and summarizing what you hear for understanding. A Sun-Saturn trine on Wednesday helps you tune into your emotional intelligence for wisdom on a professional situation; let your heart be a guide in your career. Venus enters your Leo-ruled communication zone on Thursday, putting you in leadership positions because of your gift of gab.


Happy birthday, Cancer! Monday’s Mercury-Jupiter sextile inspires you to approach a financial situation with a bit more appreciation so you can savor what’s happening now and look forward to what’s coming. A trine between the Sun and Saturn wants you to introduce more faith and optimism around a dilemma you may have. Look for possibilities, not problems. Venus enters your Leo-ruled income zone on Thursday, bringing continued abundance!


Heal in dialogue, Leo! Monday’s Mercury-Jupiter sextile stops you from suffering alone so you can heal with people who want to hear what’s happening in your world. A trine between the Sun and Saturn on Wednesday gives you a much-needed moment for rest and reflection. Try to keep the day light and spacious. Venus enters your sign on Thursday and boosts your romantic relationships.


Something’s gotta give, Virgo. Monday’s Mercury-Jupiter sextile wants you to close a professional chapter and pivot to one that’s a better fit for the person you’re becoming. A supportive trine between the Sun and Saturn on Wednesday connects you to friends who will help you make courageous new choices. Then, Venus enters your Leo-ruled closure zone on Thursday, giving you the chance to let go of pain, patterns, and people from your past.


Share the adventure, Libra! Monday’s Mercury-Jupiter sextile wants you to invite your friends to new learnings and locations so you can evolve together. A productive trine between the Sun and Saturn on Wednesday wants you to listen to your emotions and intuition because trusting yourself is crucial for personal success. Venus enters your Leo-ruled friendship zone on Thursday, and you’ll be intentionally integrating the best of romance and friendship in your relationships for success.


Take a career risk, Scorpio. Monday’s Mercury-Jupiter sextile helps you innovate, disrupt, and do something daring. An energetic trine between the Sun and Saturn on Wednesday gives you a confidence boost so you can courageously explore new places and patterns of behavior. Then, Venus enters your Leo-ruled career zone on Thursday, attracting colleagues who want to support your most audacious career dreams. Tell your goals to people you trust and be specific about what support from them would look like.


Find the win/win, Sag! A trine between Mercury and Jupiter on Monday inspires you to move beyond black-and-white thinking to technicolor problem-solving where everyone wins. On Wednesday, an emotional Sun-Saturn trine motivates you to notice your feelings and how they’re helping you approach or possibly avoid a situation. Venus enters your Leo-ruled travel zone on Thursday, manifesting more romance if you can leave your comfort zone and jet-set to new places or behaviors that feel different.


It’s the little things, Capricorn. A sextile between Mercury and Jupiter on Monday focuses your attention on how people show their trustworthiness by noticing the details. Then, a romantic Sun-Saturn trine helps you observe how opposites really do attract. Stay open to learning from people who are very different from you. Venus enters your Leo-ruled intimacy zone on Thursday, which opens up your relationships to more substantial connections and sexual healing.


Vulnerability should be mutual, Aquarius. Monday’s Mercury-Jupiter sextile wants you to share your feelings with someone and see how they reciprocate. A healing Sun-Saturn trine on Wednesday motivates you to go back to the basics and focus on small goals only. Venus enters your Leo-ruled relationship zone on Thursday, beginning the most romantic time of year for you. Stay open to new connections, deepening dynamics you’re in, or lovingly completing relationships that have served their purpose.


You can’t hide from your feelings, Pisces. A Mercury-Jupiter trine on Monday invites you to notice how your emotions manifest in your body. Then, a courageous Sun-Saturn trine on Wednesday wants you to define and declare an emotion, hope, goal, or longing to yourself and perhaps others, too. Venus enters your Leo-ruled wellbeing zone on Thursday, attracting people who challenge you to improve the quality of your life in small but powerful ways.

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