Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Former NBA Player Makes Strong Statement on Team USA’s Caitlin Clark Decision

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Indiana Fever star Caitlin Clark was not named to Team USA‘s Olympics roster. Despite Clark getting off to a historic start to her WNBA career, Team USA felt the rookie sensation just wasn’t one of their best 12 options. 

Clark handled the situation incredibly well, telling reporters she is happy for all of the women who made the team, and will be cheering them on in their pursuit of a gold medal. Adding that she hopes to be on the team next go around, Clark will continue to work hard on improving her game.

During a recent episode of FanDuel’s Run it Back show, former Memphis Grizzlies forward Chandler Parsons reacted to the Clark news, saying, “This group of women is going to dominate and win gold, that should be the story… Is there an argument we should have put [Caitlin Clark] on there to get more eyes? Maybe. Put there’s also other women that have had better statistical seasons that deserve to be on the team just as much as Caitlin Clark.”

Assuming she continues on her current trajectory, Clark will not only be on the next Team USA roster, but will be one of the best players on that team. Prepared to work hard for the next four years, Clark is excited for that opportunity when it comes around.

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