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Flower Moon Horoscope: How will the May full moon affect your zodiac sign?

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The fifth full moon of the 12 scheduled for 2024 will appear this Thursday, May 23, and is known worldwide as the Flower Moon, due to its association with the blooming of flowers, as it is a period when everything blossoms and is prosperous.

Ancient civilizations named the full moons based on the natural characteristics of each time of year.

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According to the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics, and Electronics (INAOE), the best time to appreciate the Flower Moon will be at 2:10 AM on Thursday, May 23 (Eastern Time, USA), as it will be the darkest point of the night.

Which Signs are Affected by the Flower Moon?

Many people perform rituals during a full moon to harness power and gain spiritual benefits according to their beliefs.

With the Flower Moon in May, it is a good time to remember the cycles of life and death, seek an inner space to discard anything that hinders growth, and cultivate inner rebirth to flourish and achieve personal goals.

There are positive aspects in the economic realm, and according to a prediction by El Heraldo de Mxico, these are the four zodiac signs that are likely to benefit:


One of the signs that should be attentive to the benefits of the Flower Moon is Taurus, which can take advantage of the energy absorbed from the Earth to exploit its determination and seek long-term investments, requiring patience to wait for opportunities that improve finances.


In combination with the influence of Jupiter, there are good aspects for abundance, with the innate talent of those born under this sign to make business deals that increase financial support, thanks to their mental agility.


With the Flower Moon in combination with Mercury’s influence, good decisions can be made for wise investments, without neglecting the positive aspects of abundance, thanks to Jupiter’s protection for Virgos.


For Pisces, unlike the other three mentioned signs, the benefit during these days is more related to luck, as they may receive unexpected gains. However, it will always help to stay focused on following dreams and be guided by intuition to be alert when opportunities arise.

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