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Did Caitlin Clark’s Olympics Snub Really Cost Team USA USD 60 Million In Endorsements? Exploring Viral Rumor

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Team USA lost $60 million in endorsements after excluding Caitlin Clark from the women’s national basketball team. On June 13, 2024, America’s Last Line of Defense, a Facebook account, published an article claiming that Team USA lost $60 million in endorsements from 11 companies after “snubbing” Caitlin Clark for the women’s national basketball team.

 Eleven companies have withdrawn their sponsorship from USA Basketball recently. “They’ve disappointed a lot of people.” The caption read. But how accurate is this claim? Let’s break it down.

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Did Team USA actually lose $60 million because of Caitlin Clark?

In the comments, the page added: “It’s true, patriots. Companies are backing out left and right. First, it was Ultra-Right Beer, the company that sold like 40 six packs for $80 each and shipped some of them eight months later, and Cracker Barrel. Because they’re hoping to get some Boomers back after the bench incident of 2023. IYKYK.

There are probably more, but I’m currently too busy framing the ceiling in my breakfast nook, paid for wholly by potato farming, to focus on any others. Let’s go with Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A by default and just move on, m’kay? God Bless America.”


The post gathered over 25,000 reactions, 9,000 comments, and 4,000 shares. Many commenters expressed their support for Clark under the post, with one saying that Clark “handled it with dignity & grace. … Sad she wasn’t invited but not for me to judge.”

However, this story isn’t based on real events. ALLOD states that its content is humorous or satirical, and its “About Us” section reads:

“Everything on this website is fiction. If you believe that it is real, you should have your head examined. Any similarities between this site’s pure fantasy and actual people, places, and events are purely coincidental and all images should be considered altered and satirical.”

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Caitlin Clark being snubbed from Team USA was the source of this post

This post was created in response to WNBA rookie sensation Caitlin Clark being left off the Team USA women’s basketball roster. The roster for the 2024 US Olympic women’s basketball team was released on Tuesday, and as expected, Caitlin Clark’s name wasn’t on it. Reports had surfaced Saturday that Clark wouldn’t be competing for USA Basketball at the upcoming Paris Olympics.

Selection committee chair Jen Rizzotti, also president of the Connecticut Sun and head coach of the US women’s 3×3 team, commented on Clark being left off the roster. Responding to criticism that USA Basketball missed a marketing opportunity by leaving Clark at home, she said that discussing Clark in any context other than her effect on the team would be irresponsible. 

She further emphasized that the committee’s role was not to consider the potential viewership or fan support for the US team but rather to assemble the best team possible for Head Coach Cheryl Reeve.

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