Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Children make igloos in snowy Hokkaido | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News

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Children in Hokkaido, northern Japan, have tried their hands at making igloos — snow houses that are built by Canada’s indigenous Inuit people.

A non-profit organization hosted the event over the weekend in Abashiri City. Sixteen children took part.

The children first stomped on the snow to make it hard enough to build blocks.

Then they piled up the blocks and sawed off the edges to create two dome-shaped igloos. The larger one is 3 meters in diameter and 1.8 meters high.

The children will be invited to camp overnight in the igloos next week.

An elementary school boy said it was difficult to create the snow blocks. But he added that he is looking forward to sleeping inside one of the igloos.

A member of the non-profit organization said he wants children to enjoy playing outside during all seasons, including winter. He added that he wants kids to discover that they can use snow to weather the cold.

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