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Barbara Schett: “Novak Djokovic will exceed 400 weeks as no.1”

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Novak Djokovic has started 2023 in the best possible way and, week after week, he reaches record after record. The Serbian tennis player this week surpassed Steffi Graf in the record of weeks at the top of the world ranking (both men’s and women’s) and there is curiosity to understand where Nole can arrive.

The tennis player is 35 years old but he is still number one and even in Australia he has shown a disarming superiority over all his opponents. Former tennis player and current insider Barbara Schett talked in an interview with Eurosport about what the Serbian tennis player could still do, and here are her words.

She explained: “I don’t think the end of his being number one in the world is near. I personally believe that Novak will exceed 400 weeks at the top of the Ranking. To this day he is still the player to beat and he is the most consistent player out there.

I think he really deserved all this, what he achieved is phenomenal and he rightly has this record.” Barbara also talked about Steffi Graf, a former tennis player and legend that she has always appreciated: “Nole was number one in the world for 378 weeks, we are talking about 7 years and all of this is amazing. He surpassed Steffi Graf who for me she has always been an idol and a role model.

I had a lot of respect for her, I faced her and I know she marked an era. I never thought anyone would break her record and it just goes to show what Nole has done is phenomenal”.

Barbara Schett about Novak Djokovic

Finally, Barbara Schett praised the way Novak Djokovic returned to number one.

We’re talking about a tennis player who won the last Wimbledon but didn’t earn any points from the London Grand Slam. And Barbara explained: “When he won the Australian Open and returned to number one I wondered how it was possible.

Last year he missed two of the four Grand Slams available and didn’t get a point at Wimbledon. I think that says a lot about Novak and explain to everyone how good he is.”

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