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Anthony Davis, Anthony Edwards in consensus over Warriors star Stephen Curry’s Team USA status

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As Team USA ramps up their activity ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games, a couple of members of the team were asked who the best shooter on the team is. Is it any surprise that they named Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry?

Anthony Edwards and Anthony Davis both named Curry in response to the question:

Said Davis, “Oh Steph. He’s the greatest shooter of all time.”

Edwards agreed, “You know who got the best shot. Steph Curry.”

Golden State and Team USA coach Steve Kerr plans to utilize all his years of experience in coaching Curry to bring out the best in him, featuring him heavily in Team USA’s playbook with a slew of plays straight from the Warriors’ bag.

“Having Steph on the team is fantastic for a number of reasons. He’s obviously a brilliant player, but the comfort level that we have together. We’ll run some of the actions we run in Golden State for him. He’s very familiar with everything we’re doing,” Kerr told reporters.

Kerr clarified that Curry’s impact stretches beyond the tactics they have drawn up on the board. Curry has a level of trust in Kerr thanks to their long partnership with the Warriors that could then help get the rest of Team USA on the same page.

“But it’s not just Xs and Os. He’s one of our leaders. For me to have the ear of one of our leaders, and vice versa, I think it helps the communication process with the rest of the team,” Kerr added.

Kawhi Leonard out at Team USA

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With the Paris Olympics right around the corner and Team USA in Las Vegas for training camp, Los Angeles Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard has decided to back out of participating in this summer’s events. Leonard has been dealing with knee and leg injuries over the last year, and USA Basketball released an official statement on his decision Wednesday morning.

“Kawhi has been ramping up for the Olympics over the past several weeks and had a few strong practices in Las Vegas. He felt ready to compete,” the statement read. “However, he respects that USA Basketball and the Clippers determined it is in his best interest to spend the remainder of the summer preparing for the upcoming season rather than participating in the Olympic Games in Paris.”

Leonard’s departure from Team USA ahead of the Paris Olympics is somewhat surprising, especially considering that he made the trip out to Las Vegas and participated in practices and scrimmages with the team. However, his continued battle with chronic knee soreness and inflammation now results in Leonard being sidelined again, a story that Clippers fans know all too well.

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