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After 63 Years, DC Reveals the Game-Changing Backstory of Justice League’s First Ever Villain

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  • Titans: Beast World #1 reveals the true backstory of the Justice League’s first villain, Starro the Conqueror.
  • Starfire discovers that the monster terrorizing the DC Universe, the Necrostar, can only be defeated by Starro.
  • Despite being a parasite, Starro serves a crucial role in maintaining balance in the DC Universe and prevents the Necrostar from wiping out civilizations.



Warning! Spoilers ahead for Titans: Beast World #1!The oldest villain the Justice League has ever fought has finally had their hidden past revealed, and it just may surprise some readers. The major crossover event “Beast World” has begun and a new threat is imperiling the DC Universe. But amid the calamity, a secret about the League’s very first villain comes to light.

In Titans: Beast World #1 by Tom Taylor and Ivan Reis, the supposedly reformed Brother Blood frees a terrifying alien from one of Saturn’s moons, causing the Titans to spring into action. However, once Starfire sees the monster in action, she demands that the Titans flee and stop by the Tamaranean archives for information.

Starfire leads a meeting of Earth’s greatest heroes and informs them that the monster is called a Necrostar and that it once slaughtered half of Tamaran’s population. The only thing that can defeat the Necrostar is a similar being: Starro the Conqueror, the first villain the Justice League ever fought.

The Justice League’s First Villain Once Stopped an Even Greater Threat

Starro Starfire History DC

The Justice League was first introduced The Brave and the Bold #28 and the first villain they ever assembled to fight was the giant starfish monster Starro the Conqueror. While the comic technically featured the Justice League’s first battle, the history of the Justice League was altered over time. Some origins have shown them facing the White Martians as the superteam’s first threat. The New 52 updated it so that Darkseid’s first invasion of Earth was what brought the team together. But even if it wasn’t the Justice League’s chronologically first villain, Starro earned its place in DC history as the team’s first published big bad.

Starro the Conqueror has only ever been presented as a parasite, something that travels from world to world and adds any unfortunate organisms to its hivemind. But while Starro might be a parasite, it’s also an important part of the cosmic ecosystem. The Necrostar is far more violent in its attacks and its spores are just as deadly. But Starro seems to keep the Necrostar in check, preventing it from outright wiping out civilizations altogether. Granted Starro isn’t exactly benevolent, but it prefers to keep things alive, unlike the Necrostar. It might not be a perfect system, but Starro is a crucial part of the DC Universe.

Starro is a Necessary Evil in the DC Universe

Starro fighting the Justice League in DC Comics

Over the years, the League and other hero teams have had to fight off Starro from invading and taking over Earth or other worlds. But all this time, Starro was actually the lesser of two evils. As bad as it is, Starro is nothing compared to the Necrostar, which destroys everything in its path and kills without mercy. Starro maintains a proper balance in the DC Universe and keeps a monster with immense power from annihilating everything in sight. The Justice League’s oldest enemy might be a threat unto itself, but it keeps something much worse from destroying the DCU.

Titans: Beast World #1 is on sale now from DC Comics.

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