Wednesday, June 19, 2024

11-Year NBA Veteran Slams Team USA’s Caitlin Clark Olympics Decision

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One of the biggest topics in basketball today is Caitlin Clark’s omission from the Team USA roster in the Summer Olympics. It’s divisive on all sides, with some saying she didn’t deserve it, and some saying it was a horrible business decision.

3x NBA-All star and former Memphis Grizzlies guard Gilbert Arenas is on the side that it was a horrible business decision. On an episode of the GIl’s Arena Show, the 11-year NBA veteran revealed why the snub was a bad decision.

“You’re saying millions of people will be mad if she doesn’t play a lot,” Arenas questioned. “Well, that means a million people won’t be viewing if she’s not on the team. Do you think you can sell more jerseys without her, or with her? For you guys as a group, what is very important? This is not men and women, men are thinking business. You guys are thinking emotional.”

Arenas actually wanted to have all three popular WNBA rookies on the team, not just Caitlin Clark.

“I said I would had her, [Cameron Brink], and Angel [Reese] on there,” Arenas said. “I need all of them because they all are moving.”

There is no wrong side to take when it comes to the shocking decision of leaving Caitlin Clark off of Team USA. It is legitimately a very bad business decision, but there were also other players just straight up better than her.

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